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I feel like a slacker for not updating this too often, but really, not a lot has been going on with Cally.  Dr. Stott came out again the other week, and found her less reactive to palpation and flexion, but we did some x-rays just to be safe, since the soft tissue seemed to be really out of line with how a tendon injury actually presents.  X-rays looked great for a 15 year old horse, and she jogged significantly sounder than she did when he initially saw her.  So she’s been cleared to have small paddock turnout when the ground is good, and to walk for 15 minutes or so under saddle!

It’s not much, but it’s something, and she seems to much happier and brighter out of her stall.  I was partly worried so much because she just seemed so bummed, in a way she hadn’t as much when she’d been on stall rest on prior occasions.  She’s definitely happier, and I could feel her perk up right away as soon as I hopped on her, too.  Granted, we’re just walking, but since it basically seems to be the equine equivalent of a sprained ankle, we’ve been doing a bit of real work at the walk.  Asking her to carry herself, walking squares (with turns on the haunches, not the forehand), a little bit of shoulder in/haunches in, even a bit of leg yield.  She wasn’t thrilled, but hopefully it’ll help keep her hind end and topline muscles up so that when she’s able to go back to full work, she’ll be in a good place to start from.  We even walked over two poles the other day, because that’s at least more interesting than plain footing.

In the meantime, as long as the weather holds, I’m going to try to do lessons on Aly, another horse in the barn who’s an experienced 3′ hunter/eq horse. He’s massive, and one of those quintessential natural hunters who feels like he’s going nowhere even though he’s rocking a 14′ step.  So it’s taking some adjusting my eye on him, because the first few jumps we did I felt like I saw nothing coming in.  I also have to adjust to doing less, because he totally knows his job and will cart me around while I flail like a drunk monkey, but will go amazingly when I sit up and ride well and allow him to do his job like the pro he is.

Hopefully that will keep me riding-fit until Cally’s ready to go again.  The vet seemed optimistic that another month of resting it should do it, so I am hopeful that at least we can aim for the undersaddle and hack at Showplace Spring Festival on March 31.  It wouldn’t take much fitting up to get her ready for a flat and one line of jumps, presuming she’s sound.  Fingers crossed my timex of a horse keeps on ticking along!