When Dr. Stott came out to see Cally, it had been a week since she’d done whatever it was she did to her leg.  She’d been horrifically lame on Friday, but was just really lame when he was out.  Since it was fairly recent, and she’d shown some improvement with rest, he wanted us to rest her another week and try to get the swelling in her leg down before we decided on the next step, since pretty much no matter what she’d injured, the treatment was stall rest, so nothing harmed there.

She showed some marked improvement there, with a few days application of Animalintex pads, and the swelling came down quite a bit, not fully normal, but better.  And she’s sound at the walk, which is a big plus.

I jogged her for Holly Monday, and there was definite improvement over how she’d looked for Dr. Stott, so we decided to give it a few more days before touching base again to see if there was more change.  More regular poultice, rest, and jogged her today, to see her pretty much exactly as sound as she was Monday.  Like maybe a 1.5, not quite to grade 2.  So we’re setting up some diagnostics for early next week, starting with some x-rays of her ankle, since that’s where he found the most stiffness last time, and the encompassing nature of the swelling doesn’t present at all like a suspensory type injury. Holly’s mother, a very old-school horse lady/trainer/judge, has guessed osslets, which actually sounds super plausible, once I started doing some reading. And would be good, actually, because it’s treatable and should allow her to return to turnout and light work fairly soon. Fingers crossed!