Just a quick Good News update on Cally’s leg/soundness situation.  Before I could even get out to the barn Sunday, Holly had brought her out long enough to unwrap/cold hose/repoultice, and saw that that swelling had clearly moved up to include the knee as well.  This, plus lack of response to even stacked NSAIDs (bute/banamine) led to infection, not soft tissue, suddenly becoming the likely culprit.  I have never been so happy to receive a text that my horse’s knee was swollen as I was on Sunday.  Apparently just super-weird coincidence that it coincided with slippy footing?  Leave it to Cally.

Call went in to vet this morning; his office is closed for the holiday, so we’re keeping her on the SMZs we started with over the weekend until he gets out to us with something stronger tomorrow, and she’s allowed to go out again.  I left the barn Friday close to tears over how three-legged she was, but even just a little cold hosing and walking around in the field today has her much sounder, and while the SMZs haven’t eliminated the swelling, it’s definitely going down.

These are all things that left me feeling very good today, good enough to have a bit of a chat with Holly about some of our dressage goals, which are a bit out of line with the main focus of the barn.  If Cally continues improving, I think we’re on the right track and I’ll be sharing them soon, and if nothing else, I’m making plans to tag along with Holly on some of the dressage lessons she’s going to be doing this winter with an area trainer.  Fingers crossed that eventually includes some lessons for me on Cally!