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I’d hoped to have a goals post up by now, but things have been busy, and I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down with Holly for a few minutes and chat about them.  Mainly because it seems like every weekend, we’ve been having horrible icy weather, and around that I was trying to check off one of the goals I had in mind, which involved a new-to-me trailer.

So I’ve at least accomplished that much! It’s a 2006 Collin-Arndt, and looks nearly pristine. I mean, not in the photo, because it’s covered in road salt, but it’s got brand new tires and the literal only things I could find wrong with it was one running light needing a bulb replaced and one of the rubber guards on the hooks in the tack room being missing. It’s lovely, hauls well, and HAS A DRESSING ROOM!

It’s Cally-approved, as we was a bit confused at being pulled out of her warm stall at dinner hour and loaded into an empty trailer, but marched right on at the second try, and seems to have so much more room in there.

Things were still pretty frozen Monday after I bought it, so I spent a little bit of time moving things like brush boxes and brooms from Ghetto Trailer to Awesome Trailer, and basically brushed Cally off, fed her a few mints, and headed home to warmth and Daisy A Dog snuggles.

Which naturally meant that as I was getting ready for work Tuesday afternoon, I get a text and picture from Holly, noting that my horse’s left front leg was swollen and she was somewhat off.  She got wrapped, buted, and put in her stall.  I headed out to see her Wednesday morning, and the swelling seemed down a bit.  I jogged her quickly in the (super nice perfect) footing, and she was head-bobbing off, at least once she got over exploding into the trot like she was coming out of the starting gate.  We figured she’s slipped in the thawing ground on Tuesday, tweaked/whacked herself, and seemed to be fine but sore.  So she got poultice, wrap, bute, several days of rest.  We also decided to wait til Friday to reevaluate before we’d contact the vet, as there wasn’t anything obviously medically urgent going on, and the basic advice no matter what would be wrap/rest, so I didn’t feel that to be a particularly immediate need.

Friday I went out to see what Cally’s leg was looking like.  Unwrapped, and noticed no change in the filling, and could see just walking her down to the wash area to hose off the poultice that she was off.  Like, a non-horse person could tell from the walk that she was off.  So Holly put in a call to our vet.  He wants us to wait til Monday, which is basically a week of rest/wrapping/NSAIDs, and see what we have before setting up diagnostics.  Because, unless something really really weird is going on, if it’s a soft tissue injury, that’s all that’s getting done anway.

Which means that for the weekend, we’re in a holding pattern.  What worries me is that it’s gotten worse over the course of the week, rather than better.  And I’ve known and seen horses with suspensory injuries, and never seen any of them with legs that entirely puffed up like this–most of the time I’ve seen it, it’s just been an offness, and nothing at all visible; for this to be firmly filled like it is really has me worried.  But that leg has also been compromised by at least 3 other major injuries over the years, so it puffs up easily, and this could be some massive over-reaction on the part of her body to something relatively minor that’s only making her lame because of the swelling.

So while I’m hoping that this is something like the most bizarre abscess presentation ever and we could go on to work on the Big Goals I was making for 2017, I’m also trying to prepare myself for something like needing to stall rest her long enough to get to the point she could go on retirement board somewhere.  And considering what my options would be if that were to need to happen.