It’s been a crazy couple of months, and I realized it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything.  Which is mostly because while we were in the process of moving, Cally pretty much had a fall vacation.  I’d go out and pop around lightly, but she was still healing up from her leg wound, and I just had very little time to do much.

While Cally was healing up, I did have the chance to do a couple of lessons on Cat, another TB mare in the barn, and she was fantastic.  Totally my kind of ride, we got along well, and left me wishing I could afford to keep and show two.

Then the madness of moving began, and for about a week and a half, the one time I got out to the barn was to drop off my board check.  I did see Cally, technically, looking happy and fat out in the field with her friends.  So no worries, it’s not like she minds not being in work.

But eventually we got (kind of) settled in to the new house.

Daisy A Dog is loving it, especially once she realized that critters actually come through her yard. She’s been on Deer Patrol the last few mornings, and we have neighborhood foxes, too. It’s fantastic. PLUS, I am not 15 minutes from my horse, which is the closest I have ever been to her. It’s fabulous, and I’ve got good stuff between the two of us, so it’s easy to run errands on the way home from the barn, too.

We’re getting settled back into as much work as the weather will allow. Since Cally was out with her leg injury and my subsequent move, she’s really out of shape, and frankly, fat. The fat is good heading in to winter, she looks great, but has no topline muscle to balance that out. I’ve been trying to work on building those muscles back up, just working on big loopy circles and figures at a back-stretching trot. You can really feel when she gets tired, because she goes from happy stretching down to leaning down on my hands. Getting back in shape from that is going to be a bit of a process, one that the 21 degree weather is not cooperating with. We did get out for one nice hack before things froze over, though.

I’ve also renewed our USEF & USHJA memberships for the next three years, so hopefully that should carry us through the next few fun show seasons.  I’m starting to think about goals for the next year, and how to get us back in to shape and rolling in spite of the terrible weather.  I’m also thinking about a new (probably new-to-me) trailer to replace Ghetto Trailer, since I did make a little money off my condo sale, making it a good time to be able to buy something like that with cash in hand.  I’m keeping an eye on various sale sites and FB, and am going to pop into a few local dealers over the next month or so.  Hopefully by the spring shows at PGEC, we’ll be back in fighting form, and ready to roll down on new wheels too!