Not quite ending on the note I’d hope to, but it turns out our solid showing at Maryland Horse and Pony was our end to the 2016 show season.  I’d wanted to more, amended it because we found a house, and now Cally amended it even more with some injuries.

To anyone who’s known this horse’s history, this should not be a surprise.  She pretty regularly injures herself on a biannual basis.  Though this time it’s not totally “herself.”

It started off with what seemed like a brewing abscess, naturally the day after I’d done entries for WBTA.  Fortunately, I was able to scratch that with no financial hit, though it was a hit to our hopes of a Year-End award there.  It seemed to be resolving, despite not actually popping out anywhere, by early last week.  She got clipped, and was looking glossy and sleek and ready for some fall lessons, at least.

Alas, she had other plans. I got one ride in, on Wednesday, just a nice bit of walk/trot/canter on an unseasonably warm day. I got to wave to Trainer as she headed off to the hospital to give birth, and tell her my horse was feeling better.

HA! So I thought.

Naturally, the next day, as I was getting ready for work, I get a call from poor Liz, who was mucking and noticed my horse bleeding in the field. With a pony-hoof sized gash on the inside of her leg, bleeding like crazy. Awesome. I told her unless it looked like a vet emergency that needed a lot of stitches, clean it, wrap it, and leave her in.  Also, DO NOT BOTHER TRAINER CURRENTLY IN LABOR.  Maybe that sounds cavalier, but Cally has hurt herself so many times, I’ve sort of got a skewed perspective on injuries. I was kind of expecting the worst til I got out there, but other barnmates checked on her that evening and said she looked fine, no swelling or more bleeding, and I was relieved to get out there on Friday and find an injury that while not looking great, was definitely not horrific.  Then I texted trainer, so she didn’t come home from the hospital that night to the surprise of a mummy horse, but it was all under control.

This horse has given me Serious Wrapping Skillz.

Yeah, a few stitches in there would have been ideal, but that’s also weighted against the horse being a total nutcase to the point of needing laid down to get leg stitches in the past.  So.  That’ll maybe leave an uglier scar, but it’ll heal up fine, and as Holly’s mother pointed out, it’s not like she’s doing the Conformation division.

Already, it’s actually starting to heal up really nicely.  The biggest problem is actually filling in the leg, because she’s had two other injuries to it (it’s been stitched up once, and it’s ALSO the knee that she banged up to grapefruit-sized while coming out of colic surgery) and thus some scar tissue, it tends to fill a lot.  So while she’s stalled while it needs to stay wrapped, I’ve been hand walking and grazing her.  Monday I actually got on her and walked her under tack for a little bit.

It might seem a little odd, but for an injury that’s not serious or in a weight-bearing way, I actually think that’s often better than handwalking, because I end up keeping her moving forward more, I end up actually moving her more, and I can get a feel of how she’s using herself better than I can walking beside her.  We actually trotted once around the ring each way, too, and while she wasn’t sound, she mostly felt stiff, not off-off.  Which is a good sign, I think, that we’re on a good track to recovery.

She even got to go out in the little paddock while I was doing some stuff and could keep an eye on her.  One bit of squealy run-n-buck, then she settled down and was fine.  And obviously couldn’t be hurting too much if she was up to that.  Cally is a tough cookie, if  a problem child, and I’m sure that by the time spring rolls around, my condo has been sold, and I can add horse showing back into the budget, we’ll be ready to go.

After all, we ended MDHPS with a crack at doing the over fences class in the Sidesaddle.  We’ve got to be there for serious by the time Showplace Spring rolls around April 1st!  We’ll pick up right where we left off, but better than ever, I’m sure.