Last post, I was all about making some awesome show plans for fall, because Cally has been totally brilliant lately.  And she continues to be.  Actually, we had almost a week off due to weather, and I think she came off the rest feeling even better, if a bit jumper-sassy for our lesson yesterday.

But a big part of the reason I even started looking at barns other than Southwind last year was that WBBF and I were looking at making a move. I found the perfect home for Cally long before we found one, however, so she made the move, while we took our time and looked for the house equivalent of a Unicorn. We’re in my condo, so it was no real rush to make anything happen for something that wasn’t perfect. We browsed through everything that got listed in our vague price range, went to see a few things, and pretty much went on about our lives. Cally went on being better and better.

Then the other weekend, as I was Not Horse Showing, I went to an open house on a place that I wasn’t sold on from the photos, but was on the way to some other things I wanted to check out, so why not?

It was the Unicorn House.

It’s on a wooded lot that makes you feel like you’re in a park. Actually the whole neighborhood is that way. And it’s a two minute walk from the front door to the boat launch. And it’s maybe 15 minutes to the barn.  UNICORN.

Which means that we put in an offer, are in the process of getting all the inspectiony things done, and I’m in a panic at the idea of having to get my condo cleaned up and “decluttered” to be promptly sellable.  Like, fancy horse show ribbons have already been packed into bags, and into boxes.

That is a super serious step for a horse person.

But it means that I also have to reevaluate my excellent fall plans.  I have to get things ship-shape around here, and I also have to budget a little more carefully, because it’s entirely possible that we’ll be carrying two mortgages for a while.  And while that is totally doable (and something I did for years prior to WBBF moving in) it does mean I need to reconsider my expenses, and save where I can to put a little into sprucing my place up, and a little in to the new place.  And Horse Expenses are generally big, but also often easy to trim.

That means I’m going to have to cut way back on planned fall showing.  In some ways, that’s not so hard, since the PVDA show I had really wanted to do isn’t running on Sunday now, so I would have been reluctant to enter anyway.  And I’ll skip the show this weekend, which might get rained out anyway.  Which just leaves us with WBTA next weekend, which I’ll probably only do one day of, just because I don’t want to have to schlep over there two days in a row.  An even bigger cut, will be cutting back to every-other-week lessons for a bit.  That won’t be such a huge deal for a little bit, since Trainer is going to be on a bit of maternity leave anyway, and then we’re heading in to winter.  So not the most terrible time to have to make a trim there.  But definitely not what I’d planned for our fall.

I have a feeling that the next month or two is going to be super stressful, and I probably won’t be riding as much, even outside of lessons, as I try to get things sorted out, and ready to move.  But in the end, it should pay off, because I’ll be closer than I’ve ever lived to my horse.  Actually, closer than I’ve ever lived to where I ride, except for in college when the barn was on campus.  An eventually improved quality of life is definitely worth a couple months of stress!