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One of my goals for the year was to get all of the qualifying scores we needed for PVDA Year-End Awards, mostly sidesaddle.  We needed 7 scores at Training, and on Saturday, we headed out very early, and up to Loch Moy to show at our second rated dressage show of the year, PVDA at Loch Moy, to get scores 7 and 8.

Since it was close to my parents, and they’ve been down to Loch Moy for an event or two before, I invited them down to watch.  Mom agreed to come, and brought one of my aunts along, who had never met Cally before.  So that was really great, and there was much fussing over Cally’s sweetness and prettiness.  They snagged some mints from the Secretary’s stand to treat her.

Warmup for the first test went pretty well, and I was feeling good. I actually got to chat briefly with the PVDA President, who’d showed her horse sidesaddle once upon a time, and thanked her for how supportive everyone has been about it. Because they have been, and it’s been great and people have been interested, instead of the weird-sidesaddle-lady that it could have been. The fact that Cally’s been putting in solid tests probably helps with that, too.

So in the ring we went for Training 1, which I unfortunately don’t have video of, because Mom and Lois got there after I’d gotten on, so I didn’t to give them my phone or anything before we got started. Over all, I thought the test was OK, not great. We had some decent moments, but it didn’t feel like our best, like she was just a bit distracted by everything else going on.

So in between tests we headed back over to the truck and I gave Mom a quick lesson in how to video with my phone, crossed my fingers, and we headed back over for our Training 2 test. There was a scratch and the ring was sitting empty, so I offered to go in early. I should have taken like 2 more minutes of warmup to canter a bit each way rather than just trot, and get her thinking forward. Because while it was a respectable test that had some really nice moments (other than the spooking at the flags behind the judge’s booth on the first centerline) it just felt and looked a little lacking in sparkle.

Mostly, I think, because Cally was not thrilled to be doing a second test after we’d gone back to the trailer and she thought she was done. She did not want to head back over to the ring. But when we got going forward and relaxed, she looked and felt great, and our scores reflected that–we got an 8 and a 7.5 on the trot diagonals. Lesson learned, even aside–MORE LEG.

The scores from T1 weren’t quite up til we finished T2, so I headed back to the truck to untack and undress. Because even in cooler weather, the habit is hot. Especially since I wore an actual vest rather than just points. I’m obviously out of my mind. But then a friend came by and said they’d posted results, and I left Mom with Cally while I went to see how we did.

And wonder of wonders, we finished 3rd!

So that’s now two primary colored ribbons for T1 at rated shows! Very pleased with those results, even if the scores were a bit on the low end of our average for the year. But that’s understandable, because while nothing felt particularly bad about the test, it did not feel as good as it has at other shows, and just a bit lacking in something.  Probably forward, that’s usually it.

I got Cally all packed back into the trailer and things put away, and headed over for a bite to eat and my other scores.  We ended up 6th in T2, which is fine, with a 63.something, so right on our average for the year.  We’ve now got pretty decent scores, with a 63% average on the year once you drop the high and low, so while we won’t be top of the heap, we should be in good position to end up with some kind of year-end placing with PVDA!  Totally a goal that a year ago I would have thought was crazy, but we’ve done it, all sidesaddle!