As I mentioned in my last post, the three weeks following MAEF sort of turned into slacker oblivion.  But now we’re finally getting back into a regular work rhythm.  Cally wasn’t super thrilled about that, so when we had a lesson on our third straight day of riding (one light hack, one moderate flatwork, and then this lesson) she was a little cranky at her life of leisure being interrupted.

So she got a herself a little quality time with Holly in the irons after I almost landed on a fence.  Fortunately, I’m pretty sticky.  She only tried that move once with Holly, then happily powered around over everything in the ring like it was no big deal and she couldn’t see what the issue was.  Then I climbed back on, and around we went.  For as awful as the lesson started off, it ended really nicely, with both of us looking like competent athletes.



She then got another day off, and got her hind shoes pulled for hopefully the whole winter.  We’ll see how the weather goes, and how she goes without them.  I did a very light hack around on Wednesday to see how she felt without them, and while she was definitely a bit more tentative behind, I think that’s mostly and adjustment thing, as it didn’t feel unsound, just different.

The other big news is that I FOUND A SIDESADDLE!  Hopefully, I guess.  I mean, it matches the wither tracing, it’s the right seat size for me,  and it’s a nice old English maker, Mayhew, that is ready to ride and show.  Very exciting, but also a bit complicated, since I’m leaving for Florida next week for the holidays, and it’s leaving Connecticut tomorrow to head to me.  So it’s getting shipped to the barn, so that if it does show up before I leave (fingers crossed!) I’ll have it, and if not, Holly can try it out on her within the trial time window and we’ll hopefully be good to go when I get back.   And while we don’t have all our gear together for proper Ladies Sidesaddle Hunter appointments, I’ll at least be ready to go as far as trying a few dressage shows aside come spring.  I also ordered different fabric to make another apron, a dark navy melton that much better matches my coat, and gold twill for a vest, so hopefully once I get home I can get to work on both of those and be properly outfitted with some starter apparel.