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This weekend, and early this week, has been all about making sure the little pieces are together for MidAtlantic Eq this coming weekend.  All of our team was out at the barn on Sunday, so we chatted about the final details for our costume class attire, and our “bribe” for the judges.  Then I went home and did a little crafting and sewing to put part of that together (pictures after Saturday, it’s a “State Secret” until then!).  Hopefully the judges will appreciate a bit of “homemade” effort, since we’re putting in some personal effort rather than just buying something.  I mean, it’s all in good humor anyway, but I figure it’s gotta look good that we took the time to hand make things for it.  Shows we’re triers.

The more unpleasant prep part was clipping Cally’s hind legs.  I’d been saving it for last, because she’s so fussy about it, due to experiences with clipping around scratches.  It only took half an hour and one broken halter and free-running horse later, but they got clipped, and I didn’t even get a text from my trainer the next morning about why my horse suddenly had a halter partially wrapped in duct tape, because she saw the legs and knew.  Yeah.  Next time, I’m just having someone hold her from the start, so when she shoots backwards like a lunatic after trying to kick me in the head (always wear a helmet!), she doesn’t break crossties/halters in the process, they can just follow her, or release her, or whatever.

But under saddle she’s been great.  I’ve been trying to concentrate on strong flatwork, then tossing a few fences in at the end of the ride.  Lateral work, her least favorite exercise the squared circle (alternating turn on forehand and turn on haunches at the corners), sitting trot work, lengthenings, halt/canter transitions.  She’s doing well, but super annoyed at all of it.  Perks right up when pointed at a fence, so yesterday we did a bit of work on the little (like X to 18″) two stride that was set, and a few trot fences.  She wanted to land and GO and have fun, so we did work on the long approach to the rolltop and the little oxer, and I worked on allowing the nice longer spot to happen rather than riding to the chip.

I was supposed to have a lesson this morning, so Cally could have Wednesday off before we head over to PGEC to school on Thursday and the circus begins, but the rain we’re having here kept that from happening.  Fingers crossed it won’t be too wet and we can at least do a good flat school tomorrow, and I’ll get all my tack cleaned up after.

Today was good for getting some little things done.  Like polishing my boots, which always seems like such a process until I actually sit down to do it, and then it takes under 10 minutes.  I also sorted through my closet and show clothes and paired up outfits.

Coats ready and waiting!

WBBF had just picked up the navy coat from the cleaners, so it’s going with my new white shirt, to be saved for Championships on Sunday.  The black pinstripe is getting the light blue ($15 special!) shirt, for the Adult classes on Saturday.  And because it’s the only other coat I’ve got, I’m going to wear my olive green for the Ariat on Friday, with a white tech shirt, and hope that’ll do.  It’s already in the garment bag.  Breeches are hung up with each of them, so I just need to grab and go each day, which should make things easier.

I’m starting to get nervous now, and excited at the same time. There are 15 or so riders in each of our classes, so to come home with anything, I really am going to have to go in with a plan, and ride it to the best of my ability.  If I ride my best, I know we can come home with something to show for our efforts.  It’s just making sure that my brain doesn’t drift away to la-la land instead of following the plan!