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I feel like last week was kind of a busy week for us, to the point that I didn’t have time to post any updates! Cally had Monday and Tuesday off, since she was so awesome at the show. Then Wednesday, rather than doing a lesson, I had Holly school her for me, which they both seemed to have a blast with, as Holly worked on tricky bending lines and angled approaches with her, after doing some flatwork to get her super soft. I got to hop on at the end and jump her quickly, and I almost just wanted to trot around, because she felt so great and so supple. But don’t worry, I’m not crazy, we jumped a couple fences!

Easy easy easy!

As an aside, those breeches are awesome. They’re the Smartpak Piper Classics, and they look like the TS Trophies, for less than half the cost. They don’t slide off my hips like the regular Pipers, they’re a little thinner and not so heavy cottony, and look lesson-appropriate conservative. I didn’t need any more breeches for schooling, but they were having a sale, so I picked them up for under $60. Sometimes you just need to take advantage of a sale, and I now want like 8 pair of those. I just wish they came in more colors! In other awesome sale news, if the Dover near you has a tent sale, stop by. Even if you don’t need anything. Because I went in just to see what they had and walked out with a lovely new light blue snap-collar Essex shirt for $15, and a white RJ one for $30! Hello, fashionable attire for MAEF! I am all about a bargain–I’m not sure I’ve pair full price for any of my show clothe, other than maybe gloves. No, wait, those were a Christmas present…so bargain shop, is what I’m saying.

The main non-riding thing that’s been keeping me busy this week (other than, you know, that work thing) is sewing. But even that is riding-related! Sidesaddle apron project is coming along really well! There was some problem actually getting the fabic, because the site I ordered from waited 5 days to contact me and tell me that the heavy navy twill I ordered was now out of stock (um, it wasn’t when I ordered it FIVE DAYS AGO!!). Ahem. But once the material actually showed up, the only problem was getting it cut out, because the apron is one very large piece of 60″ wide material, and I do not have a ton of open floor space in my condo. But with just two days worth of work, I’ve got most of a lined apron together; I would have more, but my thread was running out, so I couldn’t do the waistband or buttonholes.

Ignore the fluffy fleece, it was cold!

I don’t think I should have any trouble getting the waistband on today, and at least a few of the buttonholes done, so we can do an in-saddle fitting tomorrow during my lesson, so I can figur eout where exactly I need to hem it, and then we’ll be ready to go for Sunday!

Cally is already ready to go. We got a cold snap, and she turned fluffy practically overnight. So Sunday the clippers came out! It was too cold to bathe, so she just got toweled off, and was not totally thrilled with that either. Maybe because there were like 40MPH wind gusts blowing around. But she got cleaned.

Not thrilled.

But she got layered up with her Irish knit and cooler, and I tried to keep her covered as best I could while clipping. Because of the big show next month, she’d getting entirely clipped, except the saddle patch on her back. I’ve not done her legs before, and it turns out my Andis wide blades aren’t really suited to the job, because they’re just too wide. So Holly’s going to finish up legs and head, but it only took a couple of hours to transform fluffy beast into sleek show pony.

98% Clipped!

Despite the freshly-clipped horse and wind gusts, we then had a nice little ride that was only a bit spooky, and she got bundled up into her new medium-weight blanket, because the forecast was for freezing temps overnight!

Snuggly warm

Sure enough there was frost on my grass in the morning, so I can only imagine it was even colder at the barn. But it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow, so it would have been impossible to try to actually do any real riding without having clipped her. But she’s trimmed up, and her quarter sheet and cooler are at the barn, so we’re now ready for whatever weather gets thrown our way!