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There’s nothing like coming back from vacation, finally getting everything back in order in your house (why can’t fairies make food appear when you get home, rather than having to go forage on a Sunday morning when you’ve just gotten home at 12:30AM?), and going out to see the best horse ever.

I’d gotten a few messages from Holly this week about the Fabulous Miss Cally, and they were glowing. Apparently our vague lack of on-demand lead changes was not so much a “needing them installed” issue as a “someone tell Jen what button to push” issue. Holly found them on the first ride, made sure it worked both ways, and voila, we’ve got a very nice-on demand lead change. Apparently all I needed to do was keep my outside rein steady and apply outside leg behind the girth. Which explains why I could sometimes get them when I leg yielded her out a bit first, or when I had to keep her on a turn so she basically swapped herself. She also got to do a little bit of jumping with Holly, and apparently had a blast being asked to do some fun turns and adjusting herself in lines.

Since it was way hotter and stickier than I’d been used to on the Cape, I figured I’d just get on and putter around a bit. She warmed up so nicely, so after a bit of canter, we headed across the diagonal, I kept my outside rein steady, swung my outside leg back a little, and like MAGIC, new lead! Very delighted by this. Cally was a little sassy about it, but mostly in an, “I’ve done this twice already this week, why are we doing it again???” sort of way. So I walked around grinning like an idiot for a few minutes, then popped over a few little fences, just a single X to an X on the diagonal, to a rollback to the little rolltop. No problems at all, and Cally felt super happy to be hopping over something. She’ll be extra happy for our lesson on Wednesday then, I’m sure.

Until then, I’m going to just dive right on back in to things.

Diving off the breakwater in Provincetown