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So as those of you in the MidAtlantic might know, it’s been wonderfully seasonally August-like outside, which means that you can in fact tell that Washington DC is a reclaimed swamp.  It’s like walking through one just stepping out the door.  So since Mrs. Trainer is on vacation this week, and I’m on vacation next week, Cally and I have been taking it pretty easy.  We did a little flatwork on Friday, then did some moseying around the property over the weekend.

Moseying was not as relaxing for Cally as it might have been, however, due to the revelation of the neighboring goats.  Which SHRIEK like children being murdered.  This, rightfully, sent Cally into Highly Suspicious Alert Mode, which made it feel a bit like riding on a giraffe.  On the plus side, she was so worried about the shrieking goats that she barely glanced at the napping cattle in the same field.  She didn’t actually do anything, just felt a little jumpy about the whole thing.  Naturally, I decided that after a light hack on Monday, we were going to go have a mosey past them again as well.  They were thankfully less shriek-y, but she was still Suspicious, because she knew that the scary things were there, lurking.  I’m going to have to do a lot more moseying in the near future, so as to get her used to this.  Though I might have to snag some earplugs for myself first, because man, those goats are LOUD.  I had no idea they made noises like that.

Next week, while I’m gallivanting around Cape Cod (where it is slightly less hot), Cally’s going to get a bit of a hunter boot camp with Holly, and maybe get to try on the side saddle.  Hopefully, if that happens I’ll get a picture, and will delightedly share it.

On the fun side, some goodies I ordered have finally shown up!  The fact that SmartPak no longer has free embroidery makes me very sad, so I totally took advantage of the “free monogramming” offer a few weeks ago.  Except since I ordered two saddle pads, I opted for the free shipping with Cally’s SmartPak, so the only just showed up this week.

Monogram all the things!

I went with the green/gold combo in honor of my alma mater, and I’m not so sure I love it, because the green is darker than I remember it being.  I am totally in love with the jade green pad though, and want like 6 more of them.  But there are like a dozen pads in my hall closet, and I keep telling myself I don’t need any more. But then they go and offer free monogramming, and any willpower I might have had disappears.

On International Helmet Awareness Day, I tried to take advantage of the sales locally, but helmets in my size were out of stock. I was poking around when I got home and was ready to order myself one. But WBBF was even more awesome than usual, and ordered me a snazzy new OneK as a belated birthday present!

Nerdily excited

It’s very comfortable to ride in, and oh my goodness, you can actually feel air moving through it! My head feels like it’s staying so much cooler.  I think I’ll keep my CO around as a spare for when it’s colder out, or if the weather’s bad and I don’t want to get this one mucked up.  But even in 90 degree weather, my head’s been getting less disgustingly sweaty while riding, so that’s a big plus.

My only other pre-vacation task is to finish filling out the entry forms for the MidAtlantic Equitation Festival and get it in the mail.  I think we’re going to aim for doing the Ariat Medal, the two Adult O/F classes, and the Adult Championship.  I don’t have great flat eq, and Cally hates sharing the ring with other horses, so I think passing on the flat class of the regular Adult division is probably the right choice for us.