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Sunday was moving day for Cally and me.  I’d slowly been bringing things home, cleaning out my locker, and consolidating things.  So there wasn’t too much to take care of when WBBF and I rolled out to get things packed up.  My first aid box went into my trunk, along with the brushes, and my saddles and bridles got loaded up, and that was about it, besides her Smartpaks and a bit of feed to change her over with.  Though we didn’t even need much of that, because she’s moving from one 12% pellet to another, so hopefully very low stress on her system.  Plus, just to be safe, she’s getting a short course of omeprazole to keep her feeling good.

It was so easy getting the trailer hooked up with WBBF’s help (no hopping in and out to see if I needed to move it an inch this way or that way!), and my trunk rolled right into the passenger side horse stall, then Cally loaded right up (as usual, she’s a great loader) and we were on our way shortly before noon.  Despite it being Sunday, which I thought would have the least traffic headed out towards the Bay Bridge, which is the direction we needed to go, there was the whole issue of having to haul halfway around the DC Beltway, which is messy at the best of times.  But I kept it slow and steady, actually going the speedlimit, much to the chagrin of other drivers, and we made it there right on time!

Cally unloaded nicely, was greeted like the rock star she knows she is, and marched right in to her new barn, took one look at her massive new stall, and started eating the hay that was waiting for her.  Yeah, totally settled right in.  After munching a bit, and watching me as I settled in our trunk, and checked on her, she realized she not only has a front view out the barn doors to activity next door (the neighbors have a pool!), but also a window to watch what’s going on in the ring (someone hacking) and in the pastures (bush hogging).  She was very pleased, because she is nosy.

Stall with a view!

So I let her settle in and survey her kingdom for a while, as we unpacked and organized the rest of my things, and got the trailer parked. I hemmed and hawed on hopping on to ride, because her left front shoe is looking seriously precarious, and while we’re on the schedule for shoes from the new farrier on Wednesday, I don’t really want to hasten the process on any more than is necessary. Plus she showed yesterday, and usually gets the day off after showing. But she’d had a longish trailer ride, and I figured a very light hack would be a good way to let her get a look at her new home. So I tacked up quickly and headed up to the smaller of the two rings. Cally looked around a little bit, but didn’t seem phased by anything, so we did a little light W/T/C on the literal buckle.

Such a good girl

Yeah, she was totally feeling the happy hunter vibe.  I only rode for 15 minutes or so, just enough to move her around a bit, but finishing up and getting her cleaned up afterwards, she was totally “whatevs!” about everything.  She was just seeming very relaxed with life, and other than a bit of a fascinated watch out to the pasture where an ATV was being used to drag, was seeming so relaxed that while it felt weird to just go home, I wasn’t too worried.  I let Holly know she’d seemed to settle right in, and was promised an update on how she did with turnout.  Apparently just as chill as everything else had been!

So we’ve seemed to settle in well and quickly, and I’m looking forward to heading out there in an hour or so to do a bit more organizing and unpacking of my things, as I figure out how to use our space and where things fit best.  And we’ll probably just hack around again, until new shoes on Wednesday, and our lesson on Thursday.