The situation with my Yukon has been majorly stressing me over the last two weeks, because even after it got towed off to the repair shop, things turned into an adventure.  I was initially told a few days, then Monday rolled around and I was told they’d had to order the gas tank (which I’d assumed they’d have to do anyway–what shop keeps spare gas tanks around?), it should be done Thursday or Friday.  I called Thursday and the tank hadn’t even come in yet, it should be there Friday.  ARGH!  Saturday I was assured it had arrived and things were in process.  Monday I was told that it was being worked on, and should be done Wednesday at the latest.  I reiterated several times that I HAD TO HAVE IT BACK BY THIS WEEKEND, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.  Wednesday, I headed in to work with no information, but by the time I set the studio up for a production that ended up being delayed, I had a message that it was ready to go!  No good at that moment, obviously, but WBBF and I went and grabbed some Starbucks this morning then headed over to pick it up.  It looks as good as new, possibly cleaner, since they wash and vacuum it as part of their service.

So the old girl is finally home, refilled with gas, and newly inspected.  I just reloaded our show grooming tote and bag of spare goodies, along with my good dressage girth and show pad, so we’ll be good to go when I have to roll out of here on zero sleep (ugh, could not get Friday off work, and am so so tempted to call out, but I’m not that kind of employee….) and head off to dressageland.  Things are also mostly packed up and cleaned up to head to our new hunterland home on Sunday, after I am hopefully better rested and not so rushed.  Cally is feeling good, schooled some bits of our tests very nicely on Wednesday, so I think we’re good to go go go this weekend!