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This Sunday was the rescheduled Jumpapalooza at Southwind.  I’d originally hoped to do either WBTA or MSA this weekend, then made MSA on Saturday my goal when the Jumpapalooza was rescheduled to Sunday, then the Yukon got damaged and won’t be back til the end of next week, so it was just Jumpapalooza for us this weekend.  And given the weather we had over the weekend, that may not have been such a bad thing.

Because I’d been dealing with trying to get the Yukon towed in for repairs, I hadn’t been out much during the week, and pretty much took Friday to sit on the boat with WBBF and the dog and drink and eat crabs.  I felt much less stressed after that.  Saturday I worked some OT to help pay for Yukon’s repair deductible, and then, finally, I headed out to the barn on Sunday.  It was disgustingly hot, so while I’d initially thought I’d do 2’9 and 3′ rounds, those were scheduled to go later in the afternoon, and I hadn’t ridden much that week, so I figured I’d play it safe and go earlier and hit 2’6 and maybe 2’9 if I didn’t have to wait around much.  Fortunately, because it wasn’t too busy, they offered to set whatever I wanted when I got to the ring, so I said I’d start at 2’6, and headed down to the barn to tack up Cally.

She was pretty clean for not having been groomed in a while, and while we were both a bit sweaty til I got her tacked up, I figured we’d take it easy and it would be fine.  Which meant kind of the shortest warmup ever.  Which Cally actually seemed to like–less flatwork, right to the Jumping Of Things, which is her favorite anyway.  I’m sure the whole warmup was less than 10 minutes, but I figured we were doing 2’6, that’s pretty much our warmup anyway.

For not having done much jumper course work, the round rode really nicely.  I aimed to make it feel more like a eq round and give myself plenty of time, and try to do the adds down the lines the first trip, just to keep things quiet.  Cally was listening and responsive, and did the adds, and even saved my butt when I misjudged the space I had to turn in from 3 to 4, and went anyways.  We enjoyed getting to rock the jumper ring look for the day, complete with an appearance of the Brown Boots and my blingy belt from Jackson Hole, and Cally’s green bonnet. (It was too hot to bother with more than bell boots for her, though.)

Rocking the jumper look

I was really happy with how she’d gone, and how the course rode, so I said if no one else was ready to go, I’d like to go ahead and do the 2’9 so we could both go be done and cool off. Well, Cally came right back in and nailed that course, getting the correct striding as I let her go a bit more forward this time and found great spots to everything.

It all felt really easy, and if it hadn’t been so darn hot, I’d have been tempted to try it at 3′, even though it was a jumper course, since we did have a pretty decent space to turn and prepare for fences, not so twisty tight as some jumper courses can be. But with the sand in the ring reflecting the heat back up, and the air not moving much, it felt like it was 9000 degrees and we were slowly being baked. Instead, I opted to end on a very nice 2’9 round and give both of us a bit of a vetrolin rinse, and park Cally in front of her stall fan while I went to watch some of the other rounds.

Til I left around 2, my car temperature reading was 97, and it sure felt every degree of it. I was really glad I brought flip flops along to change in to for the drive home, because wow, getting my boots off made a big difference (as did cranking the AC in the car!!). It’s almost as hot today, so I’m going to head out in a few to do some grooming, maybe give her another vetrolin rinse to cool off, and clean some tack. Productive, but low stress in this heat!