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We’re halfway through the year now, and taking a bit of a break from showing and working too hard for a week or so, and it seemed like a good time to revisit my beginning of year goals, and maybe reassess.

I think for some things, we’re well on track, and other things are going to get some adjustments.

Firstly is the regular training/lessoning schedule. I think we’re doing well on that, getting in 3 lessons a month, and me getting out much more regularly thanks to the Best Work Schedule Ever. Training is about to get even more regular, but that’s an issue I’ll touch on a bit later on.

Secondly is the improvement in our Dressage work, and the goal of a PVDA Year-End award. I’m not so sure the PVDA thing is going to happen, because I’ve been concentrating our efforts instead on recognized competitions with the end goal of qualifying for All Breeds. We’re halfway there, with another show planned for August 1st, so I think that’s going to happen. We probably won’t actually win an award, and we haven’t done any PVDA shows so far, but I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made, and we got fantastic scores at our last outing.  It’s not actually about the awards, it’s the progress and the scores we represent, so just qualifying for All Breeds is a big achievement in my book!

We’re one C/B show away from meeting our goal of a Stirrup Cup qualifier in Adult Amateurs, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our progress over fences.  We had one really good 2’6 show where we probably qualified for some Outreach awards again this year, and once we’ve moved up, while our outings haven’t been without some problems, Cally is starting to feel like she’s getting the hang of it.  I had been planning on our third outing July 19th, but now there’s a show at my barn, so I’m not sure about the logistics of that; I may try to go to a different show, back at MSA, on the 18th, but Saturdays are not great days for me to wake up early and show, so we’ll see.  I may have to postpone until August.

We’ve gotten out to do Jumpers once, but haven’t Evented at all.  And I’ve realized that I don’t really miss it.  I mean, it’s fun when I’m doing it, but I’ve really been so happy going back to my roots in the hunter ring and moving up and challenging myself there.  That fact, in combination with the fact that WBBF and I have started to look at upgrading from condo to a small house, lead me to start investigating barn options near our potential move area.  Which lead to the realization that it’s a half hour less drive time for me to ride in that area, and there’s a barn that seems nearly perfect for us (it only lacks an indoor) with an opening.

So Cally and I will be moving to hunterland at the start of August, with the occasional foray back to dressage, and maybe the occasional little event if the opportunity presents itself.  I think that it will be a really good move for us, and I like both of the lessons I’ve done with Holly — if she can have me looking good sidesaddle in one lesson, just imagine what we’ll look like after Cally and I both have some lessons with her!  It should allow us to be even more of a lesson/training program, and I can hopefully have Holly show her a little too, to give her a few good pro rides around, and maybe move her up and do 3’6 while I play owner at a show or two.  I’ve been at the fabulous Southwind for almost 6 years, so this will be a big change for us, and I’m going to miss my fantastic barn friends there, but ultimately I think this is the right move for us, as hunters is really seeming to suit both of us.