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This was about all the drama I had while on vacation.  I mean, it looks dramatic, and was pretty darn amazing, but it was a wonderfully relaxing, and rejuvenating, trip.  That picture is from John Ford Point, in Monument Valley, which I cannot recommend highly enough.  The little pony is named Buddy.  He was also pretty awesome.

While I was away, Cally got to hang out and get plump eating grass.  Mainly because our farm was under voluntary quarantine, since the farm next door had a horse test positive for EHV.  That was incredibly scary, but was very well managed, and our horses were (I like to think) never in any real danger, since we don’t even share any fencelines with their fields, we were just being safe, and monitoring the health of all of them during the quarantine period.  But because of that, I didn’t want to put anyone else who rides/trains us in a difficult position of asking them to ride her while I was away, so she sat and got fat and shiny.  I’m not complaining about that at all, because she looks fantastic.  Like, almost Hunter Fat.  Hurrah for grass!

I came back and had two rides that were surprisingly nice, for a horse that had been off for two weeks.  I was just thinking that the vacation was just the thing for her, and she was ready to go again for the season, when I got a text from my barn owner Thursday morning, informing me that “the streak was over” and it looked like Cally had gotten herself kicked in the ladyparts, and was going to need stitches.  As I was gathering myself up to head out that way to meet the vet, I got a text from my mother that my grandfather, who’d been ailing for a while, was not expected to make it through the day.  Well.  I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that I rolled into the barn in tears, most of them not for the horse.  I got to hug my horse, my barn owner, and my vet, checked out the stitches in her ladyparts (which I was informed actually heal up pretty well, given that they’re often damaged in foaling), given the clear to keep riding her and moving her around (ie, turnout!!) while she’s healing up, and I booked it on up the road to be with my family.

My grandfather passed Friday, and I had kind of an emotional mess of a weekend, and a funeral that I’ll be reading at tomorrow morning.

But, I do have a horse that’s sound, if a little sassy now.  In assessing everything that’s been going on, from my ankle injury on, I had to be honest with myself today that we weren’t going to be ready to go do the 3′ Adult hunters at a rated show on Sunday, no matter how much I wanted to.  So, I’m going back up to the local show with the USHJA Outreach classes that we went to last year and did so well.  It’s near my parents’ house, so they can come watch, and it will give us a few practice rounds over smaller courses in a more laid back atmosphere.  Hopefully we’ll get back on track and healthy for the show June 6th.