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So yesterday morning I went out and had a ride that started off a little spooky and silly, but ended on a very nice note with some big swingy trot, then a mosey down the driveway.  I hustled home to get ready for work, and as always, the last thing I do before leaving is take Daisy A Dog out for a spin around the condo complex.  We were about back, along the sidewalk at the far end of my building, where we almost always cut through some grass/pine trees back into the parking lot then down along the building.

Except I tripped over some combination of roots/curb, and had this horrible flailing, trying not to fall experience, as I tried to catch myself without putting weight on what was now a burning with pain left ankle.  Daisy was a little upset by the yelling and tried to figure out what was wrong.  I had a pretty good idea, and after I hobbled back down to my patio, I got a good look at my ankle and could see right away what was wrong–my ankle was twice as big as it should be.  I pried off my shoe and took a look at it, and tried to use 5 minutes to decide whether I should bother going to Urgent Care for it, or whether I could just RICE it myself and get to work on time.  Being a horsewoman, I chose the “put vetwrap on it and see what it looks like in the morning” option, neatly wrapping it, pulling on my comfiest flat driving loafers, and headed in to work, where for once I was grateful to have a job that is basically watching TV for 10 hours a day.  I was able to keep it resting, iced, and elevated while working.

This morning, it is looking and feeling better, but definitely no where near normal.  I don’t feel like I need to see a doctor for it, as it’s improving on it’s own, and I’m not having any drastic pain like anything is torn/broken.  But I did email the show secretary of the dressage show we were going to this Saturday to scratch our classes, because I want to cry at the idea of pulling a boot on and off.  I do think I can maybe get on a bit this weekend and do some no stirrups work on my sitting trot, but I’m not going to attempt to get my horse ready, hook up and trailer somewhere, and show, with it like this.  My bigger concern at this point is to have it back to normal for my vacation in two weeks, where we’re planning a lot of hiking.  Time to take it easy and let me heal up!