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After a great weekend of lessons the other weekend, naturally Cally had to do something to send me into full fledged panic.  Which this time was acting colicky when I went out to see her Wednesday morning; this is especially troubling, because she had colic surgery 4.5 years ago, and is no longer insured, so there aren’t a lot of options to treat her, other than banamine and crossing your fingers.  She was standing funny when I went out to get her, and then kicking up a bit in the cross ties, which is totally unlike her, so I took her to the indoor and walked her a bit.  She seemed normal then, and wasn’t making any fuss, so I decided to get on a hack her around lightly and see if getting her moving would help her feel better.  As I moved her around, I wasn’t asking for much, other than go go forward, stretch out, an relax.  She wasn’t really feeling that, and just felt tight through her whole body.  So I got off, and as we were coming out of the indoor, ran into the BO, and I told her what was up, and that I was going to give her some of the banamine paste I had, since she’d started kicking up at her belly the minute I got off her.  After giving her the banamine, I checked in with my vet, and on her advice, we also gave her a bit of bran mash, which she slurped right up.  Oddly, we noted that she hadn’t eaten much of her hay the night before, but no one thought much of it in the morning, since they’d gotten a lot of hay the night before, since they’d been in for the dentist.  She seemed to feel better after the banamine, was standing more normally, and poo’d, but was still just sort of lipping her hay and letting it drop.  I checked back in with BO, and told her I had to go to work, but if there wasn’t any improvement, use her judgement on calling the vet if needed.

I kept my phone with me at work, and got updates that she seemed to be feeling more comfortable, and was happily eating her hay now, and had gotten a refill on it, which was good news.  I was out again Thursday morning, and she was looking back to normal then, head in the roundbale and showing no discomfort, so I decided to hop and and see how she felt.  We didn’t do much at all, just walked around to make sure she moved rather than just parked all day at the roundbale, then trotted around the ring once each way.  I breathed a big sigh of relief, and let her have Friday totally off.  I stopped out on Saturday, on the way up to dinner at my parents, and we did a little more work, actual walk/trot/canter, asking for a little more contact, and she felt great.  She then got Sunday off, too, to make sure she was feeling totally good before asking for her to really get back to work.

Which brings us to today.  I started the day off by checking the VADA/NOVA website to see if there would be information on when ride times for the weekend would be posted, and lo and behold, times were up!  They’re provisional, but now I at least know what my weekend is shaping up to look like.  (A very early day on Sunday.)

Then I headed down to Alexandria to pick up my brown field boots from Alexandria Shoe Repair, who did a fantastic job replacing the soles and heels on them.  Any other NOVA folks need boot work done, I highly recommend them.  The owner’s granddaughters right, and he wanted to talk ponies with me when I picked up my boots!  Great experience, after being worried about the results.

The soles are actually nicer now than they were when I bought them (el cheapo Hispars)!  I was, perhaps, a bit optimistic about putting them on to ride after not wearing them for a year and a half, because I could barely zip up the right boot, and it cut off the circulation to my calf before I could hobble halfway out through the pasture to retrieve Cally.  Maybe no my brightest moment.  But I got on in them anyway, and rode in the little outdoor!  It felt so good to be outside, and Cally felt so happy and forward.  We did have to have a Serious Discussion about the fact that she could, in fact, bend counter to the direction we were circling.  This is HARD, especially bending left while going right, so she had a bit of a snit about that, but we pushed through it, and once she did, the lightbulb went off again, and she realized it was so much easier to just give and bend whatever way she was asked to.  At that point, I decided to run through our Training 1 test, and it felt pretty good.  I need to not be afraid to really let her go forward at the trot, because she really can swing and be round and lovely when she moves her best; I need to to let myself get in her way.

After our ride, I busted out my clippers, and trimmed up her whiskers, and really got serious about clipping up her hind legs.  I actually clipped all her hind socks, as well as I could.  Hopefully this will both look cleaner, and help keep them drier, and thus less dew poison-y.  She wasn’t too happy about that, but she’ll be happier about me not needing to clean her legs up so much.  Her mane also got pulled, so we’re ready to try out the little rolled dressage braids this weekend.  We ought to look good, if nothing else!