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This last week and a half has just been a total disaster as far as riding.  Record cold, gale-force winds, and snow that’s left me spending the night at a hotel by work rather than snuggling up with a warm man and dog in my own bed.  So it wasn’t so shocking that after I pulled on 8372793276284 layers of clothing and headed out to the barn on the first slightly-maybe-not-freezing day in a while, Cally felt a little frisky yesterday.  Like, there was attempted bucking at the canter frisky!  She hasn’t done that since she was rehabbing from the colic surgery!  Which leads me to think that it’s more a function of not moving around much, more than not being ridden.  She’s not moving much even when she’s out, because its slushy and snowy, and they’d all much rather stay parked at the roundbales, and who came blame them?  (I’m eating Girl Scout cookies as I’m typing this.)  It’s more a “need to get the kinks out while on decent footing” thing than a trying to unseat me thing, because it wasn’t dramatic, just hoppy.  So I was firstly grateful that I’d decided to try out the new bridle finally, and thus had the pelham on, and then secondly just decided to work at the trot on getting her to relax and stretch through her back.  It wasn’t as great as I know it could’ve been, but I was wearing so many layers I could barely bend my legs, so I settled for “good” and called it a day.

Then today, I glanced askance at my calender, and waited for the call (somewhat hopefully, if I’m being honest) from my vet’s office that the pre-scheduled appointment for Cally’s spring shots, Coggins, and checkup was being rescheduled due to ridiculous cold.  That call didn’t come, so I bundled up, and headed out to the barn.  Since I was a bit early, and my vet’s always a bit late, I decided to do something super crazy, and pulled out Cally’s old bridle (now with snaffle), and hop on bareback, over her blanket, and do some walking to stretch her out a little.

I suddenly remembered, upon mounting, why I don’t ride her bareback.  Even with her heavy blanket on, she’s got long, bony withers and a bony spine.  I can’t say anything, I have it too, but it’s uncomfortable to sit on to do much.  Fortunately for my lady bits, we weren’t doing all that much.  We moseyed around and worked on getting a nice swingy walk with a little stretch, and called that good for the day.

I put my things away and holed up in the tack room, which is heated to not-freezing, to wait for my vet.  We started off by going over what she was due for, and reminding my vet of what her show name is, so it would be on the Coggins paperwork.  Then we had a discussion about trying some hormonal regulation on Cally, since she’d noticeably gotten tight in her back again as soon as they all started coming in season again last week.  That’s always been a problem for her, and maybe one I didn’t so much connect to her cycles, because so often she’s not been in work during the winter do to injury, so I hadn’t noticed how much of a difference it makes.  We had a discussion about Regumate oral (which is what my barn owner suggested, since we have other mares on it) versus the injectable options.  My vet seemed to like the injectable options better, as you know the horse gets what when, versus maybe eating it, and it’s a lot easier to handle.  So we decided to give progesterone a try, and see how she does on that.  If it works for her, it’ll be an easy, once-a-month IM shot that I can give.  I’m looking forward to getting out again Monday, when it’s slightly less freezing, to see if it’s had an affect on her willingness to use herself under saddle.  Fingers crossed!