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The week seemed to be going well. Cally’s fantastic new XC pad arrived from Two Socks Designs, and after careful inspection, was approved by Daisy.


Then Thursday, Cally got new shoes, and a training ride from Barbara to finish up our month of boot camp.  Friday, I was supposed to have a lesson from Kelley, but when I got on Cally to warm her up, she felt super wonky.  Kelley watched her go a bit, and we suspected a close nail due to proximity to shoeing, but were suspicious it was something else, since she wasn’t moving just off in the foot, but guarding through her hip.  So, since I couldn’t find the barn hoof testers, I poked around as well as I could at the foot, and her leg, and despite Kelley feeling a pulse, didn’t note any other reaction, or anything out of place.  Cally got tossed back out, and left her just hang out on Saturday, figuring I’d see how she was doing, then touch base with my farrier if needed, since he’d be out Monday anyway.  I headed out this morning, with a pit stop at the local tack store to pick up the one pair of hoof testers they had.

When I got to the barn, she seemed to walk in from the field OK, and looked to jog OK in the indoor, but it was hard to see if she was going anything funny through her hip, since she still had a blanket on.  So I took her into the barn, and poked and prodded and squeezed everything I could think of with the shiny new hoof testers.


Absolutely no reaction from Cally.

So I got on her, to see if I could feel any of the wonky that I was clearly feeling on Friday.   Immediately at the walk, I could tell she was feeling better.  I didn’t warm her up too much, just enough to get her bending a bit, then asked for a trot.  There felt like a few hinky steps to start off, but then she kept on moving, and felt fantastic, happily forward and perfectly willingly swingy.  I asked another boarder who was warming up to watch us a bit, and told her what was up, and she noticed nothing, though she looked like she was moving evenly behind.

What was it?  Obviously a nail or an abscess should have gotten worse.  So I can only guess she was a little sore somewhere, maybe combined with the uncertainty of having shoes behind again.  With her, who knows, really, as she’s managed to do things that perplex even experienced horsemen and vets.  I’m not going to question too closely, just keep an eye on her, give her the next two days off, and get back to work on Wednesday.