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As I look back at last year, in spite of not meeting a lot of the goals I set due to being out half the year with my clavicle dislocation, and then Cally’s alien-leg-pus-baby, we really did manage to accomplish a lot.  We might not have made the move up to Novice or 1st Level, but we did make the move up to 3′, and even got some ribbons for it.  We didn’t make it to enough PVDA shows to qualify for Year End awards there, but we did manage to win 3 Year End awards from the shows we did make it to, two USHJA Outreach awards, and one MCTA award.  And because I was out of the saddle with an injury, I did get around to volunteering more, since that was my way to stay involved!  Plus we finished on a good note for the year, actually getting back out to an event, which was most definitely a needed confidence builder for me.

Naturally, being the Type A Planner that I am, I’ve already started mapping out my goals and show schedule for 2015.  My work schedule is changing in March, allowing me weekends off, so I can finally be picky about where and when I show, rather than having to go to whatever shows are on the weekends I already have off.  That’s a big deal!  I’ve been pondering all that’s available to me, nearly all of it less than an hour’s haul from Cally’s barn, and so I’ve really had to think about what I want to do and accomplish, given the bounty of possibilities available for us to try this year.

So my goals for this coming year:

1. Be more consistent in my lesson-taking and training program.  I’m hoping the change in schedule really facilitates more regular Kelley lessons (every week she’s available, not just the every-other week I can do now), and hopefully more regular dressage instruction as well.  Cally goes so much better when she’s in regular work, and so long as both of us remain injury-free, we make so much progress with consistent, excellent instruction.

2.  Improve our dressage work so that we’re consistently scoring in the mid- to upper- 60s, maybe even get that elusive 70%.  Get those scores for my USDF rider pin, and qualify for PVDA Year Ends with them.  Make the move up to First at a few schooling shows.

3.  Show in the 3′ Adult Amateur Hunters at enough C and B rated shows to qualify for a Stirrup Cup award from the USHJA, and a WBTA Year End award in the Adult Amateurs.

4.  Start putting money aside to replace the Ghetto Trailer with something newer and nicer.  Probably not brand-new, but I’d love something with at least a small dressing room area.

5.  Try out a few Jumper classes as well as Hunters.

6.  Finish our Eventing outings on our Dressage scores.

7.  Keep up with the volunteering!

I think I’m off to a good start on these, with a month of part-training with Barbara to improve our dressage work.  And I’ve entered a jumper show up at Swan Lake to get us back out over fences, making an attempt at the Puddle Jumpers.  We’ll see if I can remember how those courses work!