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When I pulled up the Loch Moy results last Tuesday so I could print them out and send them in with our TIP and MCTA year-end paperwork, I noticed that they had the TIP results up.  I took a quick peek, and saw that we’d ended up tied for Reserve in our division!  So while we missed the nice photo of us both dressed up and sporting both our ribbons, I happily swung by to pick it up, and added it to her stall door.  But not before getting a photo.

It’s been a lot of chilly weather since then, at least on the days I’ve been off work.   We had one warm-ish day, in the upper 60s, so she got a bath and a re-clip, since you could barely tell she’d already had a clip for the year.  Since then, she’s been bundled into her clothes, as we’ve had cold weather descend upon us unseasonably early.  Frankly, it’s causing me to wonder why I bothered sending in that entry to Bascule for their dressage show, because I really don’t want to show when it feels like it does outside.  Hopefully by December 7th, it will have warmed up, and we can rock the new Training 1 and 2 tests.

The other day, it was so chilly, and she was so cold backed, rather than running through the tests in the excitingly empty arena, I had to assess the ride I actually had, rather than the work I wanted to do, and adjust accordingly.  So rather than dressage tests, we rode, bending, circling, forward, until I actually got a nice swingy back and a big trot.  That’s a big accomplishment, given where she started from on that ride, so I packed it in and called it a day.

In the meantime, I am waiting for a dressage saddle I bought on eBay.  I’ve finally come to admit that while I like the Crosby, it needs lift behind to make it level, and that’s causing her to become cranky, as it’s pushing the front of the tree down on her withers/shoulders.  The kind of big swingy trot that I got in my jump saddle–which fits like it was made for her–is not something she ever gives me in the dressage saddle.  I am hoping that the Passier Grand Gilbert will be a better fit for us.  It’s been recommended a lot for TBs, and for long legged folk, and we both fit those descriptions.  It’s also flocked, so if it’s just a bit off, I can have it properly tweaked, and hopefully fit both of us.  Shipping info is telling me Monday, but I remain hopeful it will show up in time to try out this weekend, because next week is not looking so good for riding much, other than Wednesday afternoon.

I’m sure it will warm up by then.  Yes, surely.