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In anticipation of our little Elementary HT this weekend, on Monday I figured maybe I should learn our dressage test. I think I’ve ridden it once, and I do not like it. Well, not the end of it; it’s got a free walk across the short diagonal M to E, the trot at K and down the centerline to halt. It’s like the free walk was forgotten and just tacked on at the end. I rode through it in bits, and I think we’ll do OK with it. Well enough for Elem at least!

Then Tuesday, to celebrate not working Election Day for the first time in over a decade, I voted early and headed out to restock on some horsey things, and go hiking with Daisy A Dog. Bell boots and hairnets at Dover, check, along with wails of misery at what is happening to the once beautiful countryside along Rt 50. Then onward to Middleburg, where it still looks blissfully rural once you get past Gilbert’s Corner. Daisy got a ChuckIt from the original Wylie Wagg, and chilled in the truck while I hit the Tack Exchange and Tack Box. Very little luck on either the new show shirt or rust breeches front, though I did pick up a new fitted Wilker’s pad in anticipation of the upcoming Year of Hunters. Then it was on out to Sky Meadow for a glorious hike, with amazing views of the countryside.

On the way home, since the Delaplane wineries are apparently closed on Tuesdays, I decided to pop into Saddlery Liquidators, which always at least has interesting things. And boy howdy, did they! The good Miku show shirts were on huge racks, marked down and then marked half-off! Hello, spruced up hunter wardrobe for next year. Half off means you should get two, right? Right! Plus no rust breeches, but “paprika” tights, which are close enough for schooling purposes. Jackpot! When in doubt, always stop at Saddlery Liquidators.


And now I’ve got my USEF and USHJA memberships renewed for next year, and a long list of shows and events populating my Google Calendar, waiting on me to find out my spring work schedule, so I can get to planning. But first I have to figure out how to make 40 minutes between dressage and SJ work. I’m thinking it involves doing our dressage in jumping tack…