I had a nice ride on Cally Saturday morning.  The plan was to run through a bit of the Beginner Novice B test, to see how it feels in prep for MDHT, but I got into the ring and realized I didn’t know the entire test, and left my phone in my locker (since I was just riding in the indoor).  So.  I remembered parts of it, and decided to just work on a bit of what I knew was in it, which was pretty much circles at B & E and trotting diagonals.  Boom, easy.  Cally was absolutely lovely, with perhaps the most rideable canter she’s had since I got hurt, very easy to place her feet where I wanted her to go.  Not the roundest, but quite adjustable, and honestly, to jump, I’d take rideable any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  So being a good pony, I decided maybe we’d also try a few of the little XC fences along the driveway, and get a feel of things there.  I also think I want to try popping her over a fence or two every ride I can between now and our event, because the more she jumps, the less exciting it is.  We moseyed down, starting over the ditch to a little log, turning around and coming back over the log, around the ditch, and up to a BN sized bench that we always find the most horrific distances to for whatever reason.  Distance was bad, but jump was enthusiastic and willing, so I called it good on that.

I got home, finished up our entry paperwork, and put it in the mail!    Final event of the year, here we come!  Here’s to ending on a good note!

Then I got all cleaned up (read: no helmet hair!) and headed downtown to meet friends for dinner, and attend WIHS.  Ticketmaster had been uncooperative, even by their standards, so I had a random seat all on my own, away from my friends.  But we met for dinner at Ella’s, and caught up, and headed over to the show in time to say hi to another friend, and get settled in time for the WIHS Eq workoff.  The top 10 switched horses and came back to jump again.  There were a few “eek!” moments but a lot of really lovely riding.  I was happy to see Michael Hughes win, as his trip was just a pleasure to watch.  Then came the President’s Cup grand prix, which had quite a few big names riding, but I was rooting for Jessica Springsteen, who’s seemed to be  on a roll lately.  She had a great trip, and put in the first clear round.  There were a lot of rails, mostly at one vertical that was off a bending line at the end of the ring, but also at a lot of other fences, which was good to see, no one bogey fence.  Four ended up in the jumpoff, recent Olympians Beezie, Mclain, and Reed, and Jessica.  Any one of them could have won, but it was the really nice trip by Mclain that put him a few seconds faster than Jessica’s clear jumpoff to win it.

Also, can I say that for the “cheap” seats, 3rd row certainly felt pretty fancy!  I didn’t even mind not sitting with friends, I was so delighted with my seat.  I could have done without the “commentary” from the folks behind me, but overall, I’d aim for seats here again in the future.