In accordance with Dr. Adams’ recommendations, Cally went back to work today! Which of us looks happier about that?


Well, first she got a grooming, a hot toweling, and a body clip, because she was a hairball and it felt unfair to ask her to work like that. So I did a quick variation on the chaser type clip I did last year, and it came off quickly.


Then we headed to the ring to do some work. She’d been in for two days, between the weather and the hospital visit, so we did a good bit if walking, just getting nice and swingy and forward, then a wee bit if shoulder in and leg yield. Buttons still installed, check! The trot felt great, and it really seemed to help that I was focusing on sitting up and being still with my arms and strong through my shoulders/back. She felt great! I knew the canter would be a little dramatic if I sat and asked for a more dressage-style transition, so I just got in a light half-seat and allowed a more hunter-style transition. It was still a but more exuberant than necessary, but I just stayed up in a half seat and let her settle herself. After a circle or two it felt pretty good, and the down transition was solid. At that point I had a happy grin and jello for legs, so I called it quits with that. It felt good to be back! And her leg did look better afterwards, so more work for Miss Cally seems to be the right plan!