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Today, I dodged the incoming rain storms to hook up the trailer, load up Cally, and head down to the Equine Medical Center at Morven Park to try to get a plan to resolve the Leg Situation.  I pulled out of the farm driveway with the mindset I’d be leaving her there for surgery on it.

We had a miserable drive down, as the sky opened up as we crossed the Virginia line at Point of Rocks, and I could feel Cally moving around in the trailer a lot more than usual, obviously not appreciating the sound of the rain on the trailer, or getting her wet.  I’d given us plenty of time to get there, given that we were going at the early edge of morning rush hour, and in predicted torrential downpours; we ended up being early anyway.  But that was fine, because I was able to get her checked in and unloaded in a relatively un-rainy patch.

We started with a weigh-in (1200lbs!!) and a basic once-over, along with a few new x-rays of the leg, followed by a jog to check for soundness.  That merited a lot of “hmmms” but praise for her good and cooperative behavior.  Then they sedated her, and clipped down that whole leg from hock to fetlock, and busted out the ultrasound.  Despite Dr. Adams best attempts to find something in there, there wasn’t much more than some thickened tissue.  So we discussed options, and the fact that she’s not insured and I’m on a budget.  Basically, he said that at this point, there’s not clearly anything in there to go in and surgically remove, he doesn’t want to do surgery on it.  He thinks that it’s on track to healing, it’s just that it was such a big and deep pocket of infection, that it’s taking a long time to heal up and the tissue to return to normal.  The suggested treatment was to keep her on SMZs and put her back to work.  If it doesn’t resolve after another month, then he can go in and surgically clean it, but he seems to think we can avoid that.

So tomorrow, I’m getting back in the saddle, and doing some real work with her.  Hopefully really doing work and moving the tissue will help move the rest of the infection out of her system, and we can get back to doing our thing in no time.  But not ever in weather like we had today; unless it’s an emergency I’m not trailering in weather like that again!