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Good news to start!  Given how lightly we were able to show this year between my injury and Cally’s leg (more in a minute on that!), I was really glad we were able to make what we did count.  The show at the WCHC had USHJA Outreach classes, and we did OK in them.  Well enough to end up with Year End awards!  I got two emails this week, informing me that I won the Virginia 2014 Outreach Silver Medal Championship, and Cally is the Southeast Region Outreach Silver Thoroughbred Hunter Challenge 3rd place winner!  I was quite delighted to receive those emails, as they really brightened up my week, and left me feeling that we’re on the right track with our training.  After all, how many horses can win a dressage Year End award one year, and Eq and Hunter ones the next?  She’s an awesome horse, my Cally.

Which leads me to the bad news.  Which is that while she’s sound (yay!) and her leg is looking improved, its still not better, despite 10 days on Baytril.  After chatting with my vet today, that means we’re really going to have to look at a trip down to Morven for a workup, and possibly surgery on her leg.  I’m hoping that they’ll come up with something that is NOT surgery, because that’s an expensive prospect with a long road to recovery.  I’m hoping they can look at what’s going on there, and maybe brainstorm something else to help resolve it, especially given that the horse is sound and other than infection, there’s nothing specific showing up on the x-rays.  So I’m going to work on getting my finances in line, and give them a call on Monday and see what we can set up as far as timing, especially given my crazy work schedule.