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Monday was a big day, with both the farrier and vet coming to work on Cally.  They were scheduled a little tight, but it ended up working out OK.  Because of the leg injury and obvious lack of serious work we’d be doing for a while, we decided she didn’t need hind shoes back on.  If she heals up fast, she’s fine for light work without them, and I usually pull them in the winter when she’s doing less anyway.  It also meant Kenny didn’t have to do as much with the injured hind leg, which I knew she’d be fussy about; I wasn’t entirely sure she’d let him put a shoe on it, even if we both wanted it done.

As he was finishing up her feet, the vet arrived, which timed out well.  The leg was looking stocky again, since we’d kept it bandaged all weekend, and thus it had closed up and not drained out as much.  So Haley knew she’d have to open it and drain it, in addition to putting in x-ray dye.  That being the case, she went straight to the good drugs, and a few CCs of IV Dormosedan left us with a nicely stoned, cooperative horse.  Barnmates came to watch, because we have an awesome barn with people who like to learn, and also witness gross stuff.  Not a lot of puss drainage, but a lot of granulation tissue and blood, which Haley said was good. Then it was time to try out the x-ray dye (I’m sure that’s not the technical name for it), which apparently was a little more difficult to get to inject than planned, but gave us a clear image of the drainage path going directly up to the suspect lump on the splint bones.

That’s a cell phone pic of the computer monitor, so obviously  not the best quality.  But you can clearly see what the one set of veterinary surgeons called a callus on the bones (not something to worry about) but that we’re still concerned, given the drainage route, is an infection, not a callus.  So they’re getting sent off to the big teaching vet hospital at Morven, and hopefully we’ll get the thoughts of the same surgeon who did Cally’s colic surgery 4 years ago.  It got re-wrapped for the night, but after how stocky it got from not draining, I’m going to try cleaning it out and re-wrapping more often rather than letting it heal up, so hopefully stuff doesn’t back up in there again.

Since the drugs left her looking like a lesson in Why Drugs Are Bad:

Cally got to wake up a bit and then headed out, still not looking completely sound, to the pasture.  She got some heavier duty antibiotics IV, and switched the oral antibiotics starting today, so we should see shortly if that makes a difference in her healing up.  I’m also not too worried about her looking a little off behind, because she’s now without shoes, so a few days to settle into that is fine with me, too.  Hopefully how she’s looking by the end of the week should give us a much better idea what we’re dealing with, and also consult results from Morven. Cross your fingers for Cally!