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On Friday, I had a lesson with Kelley.  Or rather, Cally had a lesson with Kelley, after I warmed her up a little walking and trotting, then handed the reins over to the pro to watch from the sidelines while she got a bit of a tune-up.  I mainly wanted to do it because I knew I was in no shape, fitness-wise, to be doing a lesson, and wasn’t technically cleared to ride yet.  But it ended up being a really great decision, and just what Cally needed to get her back jumping some small fences.  After not jumping for a while, she was a little over-enthusiastic, but Kelley is magically good at just sitting quietly and letting the horse settle and figure things out, which is exactly what Cally needs.  So they started out with a bit on the flat to really warm her up, then just trotted a pole, until it wasn’t exciting anymore.  That took a while LOL  Then rinse and repeat over a crossrail, until she was loping away like it was the easiest thing in the world.  Then Kelley did a few more fences with her, including two little lines, which she jumped quite nicely.  We called that good for the day, as it was the first she’d jumped in almost two months, and she was being a very good girl.  I definitely think a few more rides from Kelley are in order as I get back into shape, because it really gets Cally where she needs to be mentally, and gives her good positive reinforcement for her good behavior.

Originally I’d planned to try riding a bit Sunday, but I got wrangled into volunteering at the PVDA show at Loch Moy.  While I’d never done it before, I ended up working as a Ring Steward, it ended up being quite fun.  I started off with two rings, mostly doing bit/spur/whip checks, which was nice, because I got to watch most of the rides and chat a bit with the riders, plus I had my own little hut, to get a bit of shade.  After the lunch break, I only had one ring, but got to sit and chat with the announcer, which was quite nice as well.  We managed to save someone from potential disqualification by pointing out to him that the tie he was wearing with the polo shirt wasn’t allowed if he was opting to follow the waived jackets rule!  So that was my good deed for the day!  I’ve also now got my volunteer hours out of the way, so I think I’m going to try and get my other two qualifying rides towards year-end awards.  I don’t know if our scores have been good enough to actually get anything, but I might as well try.

On Wednesday, I got the best news of all, and got cleared by the Ortho to fully resume normal activity with my shoulder.  So now I’m actually allowed to be riding, and need to get my butt back in shape.  Which naturally means we’re heading out of town!  But I did manage to have a good day at the barn today.  We just walked and trotted, but I tried to spend half my time in two-point to get my leg strength back to where it needs to be, and get my leg in place.  It was pretty tiring, even though we didn’t do too much.  Cally seemed pretty happy to be doing her own thing while I was up in two-point, and was pretty good at telling me if my leg was slipping back, because she’d think about cantering!  Post-ride, she got a full bath, and a bridle-path trim, so she should be nice and gorgeous to hang out while I’m away.