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After PT, I headed out to Southwind to see Cally, and hopefully ride a bit again. The little outdoor was freshly dragged, with a few tempting tiny jumps, and I was feeling good after successfully exercising the shoulder. Then I walked into Cally’s stall and saw the new challenge.


Dun-dun-dunnnnn! Having to stretch out and yank on a bell boot seemed quite a difficulty. Fortunately for me, I had an old one to yank on, which went much better than I feared might be the case. She was rebooted, and out to the ring we went!

Cally was being so good that after walking and some really nice trot work, I decided to try the canter, on her easier left lead. Oh, there’s nothing like it! But she can get a little pully in the canter, so our down transition wasn’t the best. But not our worst, either, as I’m really thinking about my body and my shoulders. Then…shhhhh….I popped over the little 2′ fence a couple of times. That may have been even better than cantering, and gives me hope that once my riding fitness comes back, we’ll get back to where we were pretty quickly.