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My shoulder has been feeling really good lately, so yesterday after PT, I went out to the barn, determined to get back on Cally.  It was muggy, and thunderstorms looked to be threatening, but I was bound and determined to get on.  Even the fact that it appeared she’d taken a bit of a chunk out of her left hind wasn’t too troubling to me; it was mostly hair gone, and a little walking would help her anyway, and I could trot enough to see if she was sound on it.

With surprisingly little trouble (though more trips back and forth from the tack room than usual!) I managed to get her groomed and tacked up, with her breastplate on for added security, along with my Tipperary vest.  My friend Holly sat out by the ring to keep an eye on us, and make sure it was an uneventful event.

Turns out there was no need to worry, because not only was I able to mount with no problems, Cally was pretty thrilled with just being given a loose rein to saunter around the ring and relax.

We even managed to do a few laps of trot each way.

Unsurprisingly, she felt a bit off on the left hind where she’d managed to bang it on something, so after about 10 minutes of riding, I called it a very delighted day, and hopped off (with no trouble at all!) to go get a better look at it.  Moving around had gotten the filling down, so it looked pretty normal other than the cut on the back.  Cleaning it out a bit more thoroughly, it looked like it was both pretty recent and entirely on the surface–just the hair removed, so I’m sure the issue was mostly trauma and not moving around on it.  So it got some ointment and out she went for the night, where she can move around and feel a bit better.  I’m going to guess she managed to catch herself with the other hind foot while getting up from a nap, because she does love a good morning nap.

I don’t have a lot of plans to do much more than exactly what I did yesterday until I get officially cleared to really ride, but I am glad that I didn’t feel anxious or worried getting on, and that nothing in the riding process seemed to cause any twinges or pain in my shoulder.  I think that bodes well for our getting back on the progress track pretty quickly once I can do more.  In the meantime, she can keep getting spoiled for being such a wonderful horse.