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It’s been a quiet couple of weeks, not being able to ride, and being stressed a bit in my good arm with the drive out there. I think the most productive thing I’ve done is clean out and reorganize my grooming tote.


Productive if not exactly thrilling. Cally is looking in good shape thanks to Rachel riding her a few days a week. I’d been really excited about being able to start getting in again after my follow-up appointment this Wednesday, but I just got a call from the doctors office to reschedule it to next Monday. So out of the saddle for at least another week.
Trying to be good and follow those orders BUT THEY ARE MAKING IT SO DIFFICULT! At this point I’m not really in any pain, unless I move a few specific ways, and am really mostly frustrated with the situation and having to rely on others to help me navigate the world with one arm. It’s getting old.