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While I’ve been at work this weekend, I’ve been evaluating range of motion, and how my arm/shoulder feels, and starting to look towards getting back in the saddle and my plans for fall.  I think I’m done Eventing for the year; that’s where we’re likeliest to have a stop or a bobble, and for me to come off.  The two falls I had prior to this injury were both on XC (granted, all of them a year or more apart), so I think I’m giving myself time away from that risk of reinjury, and letting myself heal more fully over the winter before I even think about getting back out on XC again.  

I do, however, think we can salvage some of our show season.  I put in for a Sunday off in October that would let me hit one last PVDA show to get our requisite 7 scores, with hopefully decent enough results to still qualify for a Year End award there; I also just sent a note about volunteering at one of the rated shows at the end of August, to get my volunteer hours in for that.  I’m pretty sure that by October, I’ll be in good enough shape to get out to a dressage show at Training.  It may require WBBF coming along to help with the trailer, but I think it’s a reasonable goal to set for us.  If all goes well, there are also a few fall Hunter shows I’d like to try to hit, if we’re feeling steady over fences in the ring; I can’t remember the last time she stopped at a fence in the ring, so I think we’d be safe there.  Maybe we can get back into the grove and back doing 3′ courses again by spring.

It’s at least something to look forward to, and making some plans gives me something to focus on as a goal, to keep me going as I grumble along one-armed and non-riding for another two weeks.