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My dislocated collar bone is healing slowly but surely.  After my followup with the Ortho, I’ve gotten the clear to begin stretching that healing shoulder back out, with a few specific exercises, and essentially freedom of movement in non-weight-bearing ways.  Of course, some things are still difficult, most notably driving, because of the strain they put on my good arm.  I gave it a workout on Saturday by driving up to volunteer at the Maryland Horse Trials; initially I’d signed up to do XC warmup, which I love doing, but asked to just jump judge in hopes of not stressing my arm with too much movement.  Well, it seemed fine, and they let me only work part of the day, doing the Intermediate and Prelim divisions, which was a blast to watch. I love getting to see how different pairs navigate the same question, and how different riders approach the ride.  But when I got back in my car, after sitting in the camp chair all day, hoping to stop by the barn and visit with Cally, the muscles between my shoulder blade and spine were starting to spasm and feeling very angry.  So I headed home to relax and take a Tylenol3.

Today I finally made it out to the barn to see Cally.  Rachel’s been riding her for me, and I can tell she’s been in good hands–she looked shiny and fit and happy.  Especially happy to see me, and was not shy about demanding treats to make up for my absence.

Hey, the mints are in here! You owe me!

I gave her as good of a grooming as I could, and applied some of the new fly spray I brought out.  I also collected all the dirty saddle pads to take home to wash, as we’d been running to the end of my supply before I hurt myself.  So while it’s obviously not all of what I’d like to do there, it was good to get out and chat with friends and see Cally.  Hopefully after my appointment in two weeks, I’ll be cleared to start getting on and riding a bit again.