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When you get hurt, you really come to appreciate being at a good barn, with good people.  On Saturday, when I fell, not only did Carol take me to the ER and stay with me til WBBF got there, two other friends took care of Cally, having her untacked and washed off before I even left the property, and then CLEANED MY TACK FOR ME.  So amazing.

I wasn’t worried about Cally as far as day-to-day care, because I know the team at Southwind always does a great job of taking care of her, as evidenced by how fantastic she’s always looking, and how promptly I get a call when she’s tried to do herself in again, or lost a shoe, or the like.  But there’s the whole matter of keeping her fit, her mane pulled, etc. while I’m laid up.  Because obviously, being unable to really use my left arm to do much more than type, it’s not like I can even pick out a foot.  But this is where I’m really lucky to have a good group of barnmates–two friends are going to be riding her a couple days a week apiece, which works out as a win-win for everyone.  They’re both lovely riders who get along well with Cally, and she gets to keep having some lessons and training and basic fitness work, so that when I’m ready to get back in the tack, other than getting myself back in shape, we’re good to go again.  I know they’ll take care of her just as well as I’d take care of her myself.

Tuesday I had an appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon, who was great.  He seemed really relaxed about the whole thing, and very matter of fact.  No surgery required, and I should be back to normal use in 8 weeks.  So hopefully that means I’ll be back in the saddle after my September trip to Cape Cod, if not a bit before.  They showed me the x-rays, which were pretty cool, and I’d hoped to be able to post a picture of the injury with this entry, but they won’t load on my laptop, which is a bummer.

Of course, I have to built up use again to be able to do that.  I went out today and realized I can barely even get a halter off, so I’m going to be basically going out once a week to brush her off in her stall and feed her some treats.  I’m pretty sure Cally won’t have a problem with that.  And if today was any indication, it certainly is good for my mental health.