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I had a long post all typed out, and tried to post it, and WordPress ate it.

Briefly, I decided to do the gymnastic lesson yesterday with Carol.  Cally was going great until I felt we didn’t have the canter I wanted approaching the line, and decided to circle.  Except there was sort of a fence abruptly in the way, so Cally hesitated, then took evasive maneuvers.  I…did NOT, and hit the ground just wrong.

I knew I’d done something to my collarbone as soon as I hit the ground, because it hurt like crazy.  I said as much once I got my breath back, but started poking it and didn’t feel a break, so sat up and was trying to assess.  I was helped up, and made it as far as the mounting block before feeling woozy and sparkly-visioned, and needing to sit down again.  Poor Cally was just looking confused at why I was on the ground and the jumping fun was over.

Due to the weird sparkly vision, I was worried about a concussion, even though it hadn’t felt like I hit my head, and my helmet was hardly dirty.  So while friends took care of Cally, Carol took me to the local ER.  I was whisked off to the Minor Injuries Treatment area, and taken for x-rays and a CT to check for a concussion.  CT was good and clear–for the record, my brain appears perfectly normal–but while the clavicle wasn’t fractured, it was dislocated by 8mm, and I managed to fracture the spinal process of my T1 vertebra, apparently in the whiplash of my shoulder hitting the ground and my head snapping back.  Good news is that the vertebra will heal up on its own.  Bad news is that there’s not much to be done for my dislocated clavicle but sling it and strap it down until I see an orthopedic specialist this week; odds are good from what I read that the treatment for it will be time and rest as well.  I’m still able to move it a bit–actually have the arm out of the sling to type with now as I sit and watch Wimbledon–and haven’t needed more than Ibuprofin for it, though everyone seems to think I should be writhing in agony or something.  It’s OK as long as I don’t move it much.  So WBBF is living up to the title and being my left arm for me, and Daisy A Dog is being pretty respectful.

No idea when I’ll be cleared to get back in the saddle, though, or how long it will take for this to really start feeling better.  I guess I’ll find out when I talk to the orthopedist.  Until then, I guess Cally becomes a ride for friends to keep in shape a bit, and me to occasionally go seen and feed treats.  Not even sure how much grooming I can do one-handed, since I can’t even pick feet with one hand!  I will remain optimistic, though, and I should at least be able to do some volunteer jump judging and the like, as that only requires the one hand that can write.