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Summer has really arrived here in the MidAtlantic! The heat index today was over 100, but Cally has had a week off while I worked and celebrated my birthday, so I felt a bit obligated to get on her. We didn’t do much, just a nice easy walk out to a trail that has a few creek crossings where she could splash around, then back in. As a bonus there are a few hills up and down, do I guess we did get a little conditioning in on our mosey, but it’s unfair in weather like this to ask for more than that.

Even awesome dog was not so happy with the weather, so after I got home from splashing around with Cally, Daisy and I went to the park near us to play in the creek a little. We didn’t lady very long, but at least we got out.

I think it’s going to be a quiet few weeks for us, as we only work lightly in hot weather!