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This week I was planning to work on my dressage tests on Wednesday, and then go have an XC lesson with Kelley at Loch Moy, making excellent use of my schooling pass from volunteering last weekend.  Except those were apparently not Cally’s plans.  I got a call from the barn in the morning that my very special princess had managed to pull off one of her shoes.  Awesome, so much for those plans.  So I called my farrier to see when he’d be in the area again, emailed to say that XC schooling was a bust for me but my barnmate and Kelley were welcome to free schooling passes, packed up the dog (because we might as well go for a hike somewhere when I was done visiting the horse), and headed out to survey the damage.

She managed to take out a nice chunk of her left front hoof where it had been epoxyed, along with the shoe.  Fantastic.  Since the ground’s soft, she’s going out anyway, because given the gorgeous weather and the enriching grass, there is no reason for her to be in.  Except for Friday, when the farrier is coming to put a shoe back on her.  I can’t complain about that speed of service, it’s just aggravating to have my plans thwarted.

Especially the XC lesson.  We haven’t been out yet this year, but I’d just put the MDHT Starter #3 entry in the mail, because we had the gift certificate entry.  I’m not so worried about going and doing Training dressage after some time off, because while it won’t be perfect, she’s more than capable of doing flatwork in a ring after some time off.  Going out and jumping around an XC course without a bit of practice first is a bit more troubling.  It does look like we’ll have a few chances when we get home, and if nothing else, I can probably wrangle someone to go over with me on a weekday to school either the practice course at Loch Moy or try out Woodstock.  She mostly just needs to get her feet wet again at the water, and jump a solid fence or two.  I’m not too worried about anything else.

I, meanwhile, am off on our spring vacation to Ireland.  I’m hoping to get to do a little riding while I’m there.  Then we’ll have to make a concentrated effort to get both our butts back in shape and kick show season into gear!