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That sounds crazy, right?  But it was a great weekend, because of both of those things.  Also the weather.  Maybe especially the weather.  But also Cally.

Saturday I did the barn gymnastic.  Since we hadn’t been jumping much, I asked to do something simple that could work on our basics and staying slow and steady.  What I ended up doing wasn’t exactly what I’d imagined (which was something, in my head, along the lines of placing poles and bounces).  We walked a fence.  Which sort of sounds, on one hand, incredibly simple, and on the other, totally ridiculously insane hard.  And it was.  Both.

We started with a pole on the ground.  Then an X.  She just stepped over both of those, but once it went up to a 2′ vertical, she sort of bobbled around and couldn’t quite figure out what to do the first time over it.  Then it all seemed to click, and she realized it was kind of fun, even, or maybe even especially as the fence went up.  She didn’t have to worry, she couldn’t rush, because all we were doing was walking.

She wanted to trot the last step or so once it actually got BIG, but it didn’t feel like a rushy trot step, just like she felt she needed a little more momentum.  And since it was a fun Saturday morning lesson and not the Maclay finals, I wasn’t sweating it too much.  Especially when we ended with her looking like this, walking over a 3′ fence.

She looks so relaxed and casual! Walking a 3′ fence! Ridiculous rockstar horse.

Then on Sunday, I got in another great day of volunteering at the starter horse trials at MDHT.  I always have such a nice time volunteering there.  Today I was jump judging, sitting back in the woods in the sunshine, watching lovely horses having fun over fences 4AB and/or 4&5, depending on the course.

It’s a beautiful day for some XC!

I’m a little sunburned, but it was so nice out that it was worth it.  And watching how the course rode, the Novice course looked totally feasible for what I know we’re capable of.  Not like, tomorrow, or even for the spring, but maybe, just maybe, by fall we could try a Novice if I knew it was going to be a “soft” one.

But I am starting to get plans in place to get us back into competition.  We’re using some of our hard earned schooling passes to go XC schooling on Thursday.  Then this morning, before heading off to the HT, I did the online entry for our first PVDA show of the year, doing two Training tests.  And this evening I got the paperwork sorted out for MDHT’s 3rd starter HT, which WBBF got us an entry gift certificate to for Christmas.  So that gives us a month to get our behinds in gear, and to get out and start doing again!