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The grass is turning green, it’s consistently above freezing, and I’ve got a patio full of blooming flowers.  It’s been two good weeks for riding!  I got to ride outside twice last week, including a bit of a jump school up in the big ring and a walk out around the edge of the property after we were done, to show new barnmates where the trails were.  Last week Cally also got her first bath of the season, which was perhaps not as thorough as our show baths, but got a lot of the dirt, and more importantly, hair out.

Bath time!

Then we continued the spa treatment and got a bit of a clip touch-up on the areas that were already clipped.  She’s gotten pretty sweaty working in this warmer weather, especially when we did enough to go up in the big ring and jump a bit.  So this worked out well, and the unclipped area is really shedding out a lot, enough to a) need a shedding blade and b) remind me why I always do a hunter clip in the winter, so there’s not all that hair to shed out in the spring!

This week it was time to restock on spring supplies for the year, so I decided to use my gift certificate to Dover from the Ride for Life that’s been sitting around, and go out and get myself some new tack cleaning stuff and new bell boots, since the ones she’s had on all winter are practically disintegrating.  I did quite a nice stock up, getting not just a bottle of Belvoir tack cleaner and two pair of gum rubber bell boots, but also new bath and tack cleaning sponges, a pair of white Woof boots for our dressage lessons (easier to clean and put on than polos!), and some new hair nets for the show season.  I was talked into trying a fancy new hairnet by the sales lady, which is sort of like a sleeve, that just goes around the edge of the head and holds all the hair in it, which makes for a nicely contained ponytail to flip up into the helmet.  But I also got some old school Aerborn cheapie hairnets just in case!

Fancy new hairnet! Apologies for the selfies!

I rode in it when I got to the barn, and really liked it!  It was a little awkward to get on at first, but once I figured out the logistics, it did a great job of containing everything, even the little wispy bits at the back, and since the ponytail is already in the hairnet, it contains all that really well.  No need for double-hairnetting at shows!  (I suppose I’m not supposed to worry about this anymore, being a Big Bad Eventer now, but old habits die hard.)  It seems pretty sturdy, so we’ll see how it holds up, and was worth $8.

Not to be left out, Cally got to try out her sparkling new white dressage boots.

New white boots for dressage, with BONUS! new bell boots!

And perhaps proving that you work better when you feel well-dressed, we had a very nice light ride with some nice relaxed serpentines and spirals, and even some nice canter.  And we finished with a nice walk down the driveway.  Ah, spring!

The only down side?  I realized as I was halfway out to the barn with my bag of new goodies, that the Dover gift certificate I specifically went out there to use, rather than to one of the local places nearer to the barn?  Still in my purse.  D’oh!