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Spring WANTS to arrive!


This weekend I got to sit at work and watch the clocks spring ahead, from 2AM to 3AM.  It’s maybe the happiest moment of the year, aside from all the crazy stress involved in making the TV networks not go boom when it happens.  Because it means glorious, glorious sunlight in my waking hours!

Today was my first day off since it happened, and it was marvelous to be able to head out to the barn at 1:30, putz around a bit, and still have time to give the dog a nice walk while there was still enough light to see where we were going.  Cally’s leg is looking a lot better–there’s no heat or swelling, and both wounds are starting to close over pretty nicely.  She’s still only got one back shoe, but I think the remaining one is going to get pulled on Wednesday; she’s actually fine without hind shoes, unless she’s really doing a lot of hard work and showing, so going a week without them is no big deal, and it’s easier to have one pulled off than it is to put a new one on for a week.  I asked barnmates to watch me jog her, since at this point, there’s so much going on and I’m trying so hard to see something, that I wanted a fresh set of eyes to watch her move.  They thought she looked fine, so she got a good grooming to loosen up some of the hair that’s starting to shed out, and got her face clipped up a bit.  I think I may get on her a little tomorrow, 3 shoes and all, and do a little bit of work at the walk.

But I do think this is going to necessitate a change in our plans, both because of the lack of work and the vet bill for all the shots and antibiotics (bottles of both SMZs and Doxy!) just arrived.  So a few tweaks in our schedule that means I’m going to have to show twice in August, and that I think I’m going to aim for Training level dressage this year as a year-end award goal, but still keep 1st as the goal for the recognized show at Loch Moy the end of August.  I think that seems fair to both horse and budget.