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Cally’s leg wound seems to be holding steady.  The vet found that it still had a pocket of something up above it, which is why it was still a bit swollen around the wound.  So she got switched off the SMZs and onto doxy, and I got a lesson into how to stick a sterile wipe up in there and clean it out enough to get stuff draining.  Surprisingly, given how much Cally can protest veterinary attention she doesn’t appreciate, she’s pretty good about that.  She also got her teeth done by the dentist, her spring vaccinations, and her 2014 coggins pulled.  So once the leg actually heals up, I think we’ll be good to go for the season!

She’s cleared for “light work” but nothing strenuous, so we’ve been moseying around lightly in the ring, with a bit of circles and serpentine thrown in.  For the first time, on Sunday, she did start off feeling a little hitchy behind, but seems to work out of it, and felt totally sound after I got up in a half seat and cantered her around a few big loopy circles.  So I think it’s just her being a little stiff and tight as stuff heals up.  I’m being optimistic and still planning on entering our first show of the year for March 29th, a PVDA schooling show that opens this weekend.  Trying to do the Derby at Loch Moy on the 15th is definitely off the table, both for budget and injury reasons, but it does give me a good incentive to volunteer; finances dictate that volunteering at the 2nd starter HT of the year is a good move, too, so I just signed up for some jump judging.  Four dressage shows, 2 starter HTs, and at least 3 days of volunteering isn’t too bad spread over 8 months!

I’ve made my budget up for the Real Life Goal of getting the credit cards all paid off this year, and started tweaking my showing and riding plans based on that.  Obviously, I don’t plan to cut the fun stuff out entirely, because I want to keep reminding myself why I’m eating ramen to afford to pay stuff off–in the long run, it will let me show more, and hopefully at more recognized stuff, and do more lessons, and maybe eventually upgrade the GhettoTrailer to something nicer.  Since WBBF got me an entry to the 3rd starter MDHT as a Christmas gift, I’ve got that on the schedule at no cost to me, and I’ve got things budgeted out to afford, between now and the end of August, to do two PVDA schooling shows, two licensed dressage shows (Ride for Life and Loch Moy), and do the starter at MDHT and the June Waredaca starter.  It’s going to be tight, but I can make it work, and get some volunteer time in too, which keeps me involved.  Hopefully by the payoff goal date at the end of September, it should free up enough income that I can have a really good October and into November of 3-4 competitions to end our season with a bag.