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So after a few days on SMZs, Cally’s leg is looking noticeably better.  No more heat, no more swelling (except a bit in the area immediately around the wound), and she’s been sound on it since it happened.  So I hopped up again, not really attired for it, and despite the cold and wind, my insane chestnut TB mare did the best to contain her terror and lunacy.

You can see the crazy in her eyes. Or maybe that’s drowsiness.

She very happily trotted around just a lap each way, and across the diagonal.  It’s a shame I wasn’t prepared to do more, because the ring was freshly dragged, and I LOVE riding in a freshly dragged ring when you can see all your hoof tracks.

But the leg wound itself is still there, being all wound-y.

Not looking too scary (the wetness is from cleaning it!)

So not looking dramatically terrible, but not looking terrifically better, either.  We’ve got a vet appointment tomorrow that got pushed back to 5PM for a check and her shots/Coggins, so I think that since she’s sound and seems perfectly willing to work, the game plan for tomorrow is to go out a bit early and get on and actually do a bit of dressage on her and she how it looks after that.  If it’s worse, well, the vet’s coming anyway, and maybe I’ll actually have something to show her.  If it’s the same, it’s the same, and she can go back in to light to moderate work until it heals up completely.