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Cally, as a 2002 foal, turned 12 yesterday!  It’s hard to believe she’s entering middle-age, but she just seems to be hitting her peak, so I think for all our setbacks along the way, we’ve timed it well.  And she’s certainly got plenty of years left, and plenty to teach me.

To that end, I’ve started looking ahead to 2014 plans.  I’m waiting for more unrecognized events’ dates to be announced, particularly Waredaca and Seneca.  Maryland’s been up for ages, which I love, and there’s already a tentative PVDA schedule.  Sadly, it looks like I won’t be able to do any of the HCHSA shows, which I’d hoped to get to a few of for some over fences milage in the hunter ring, but maybe Swan Lake will have something that will work when they get their spring/summer schedule up.  I’ve also been trying to figure out what I need to go ahead and join now, versus waiting a bit; I think this year I’m going to join MCTA in addition to the PVDA, since the volunteer hours and show results I’ve been doing all along will count for them.  I may hold off on USEF renewal until I figure out my plans a bit more and see how many recognized events and shows are looking like they might fit into my schedule and, as always, my budget.  Fortunately, I’m living in an area with innumerable options for quality schooling events and shows, so I can take my time and be a little picky.  Battle plans and goals for the year coming soon!