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Thursday I got out to ride, deliver Cally’s Christmas carrots and mints, and test out the Test Breeches. It was warmish and sunny, and the small outdoor was just rideable. So out we went to hack around a bit and see what I thought of the breeches.

Cally felt great as we worked through our spook at the Tarp of Emminent Death, and got on with a bit of serpentine, canter leg yield, and sitting trot. She felt good! Breeches, on the other hand, felt a bit wonky in the crotch, with the fabric catching on the saddle pommel in a rather awkward way. I think they’ll be fine to keep for schooling in winter, with a layer under them, but I don’t think they’ll make it as show breeches as I’d hoped. Cally, however, was looking great, my long reins aside!