It was incredibly nice today, and since Cally was disgustingly sweaty after our lesson yesterday, I decided it would be perfect weather to re-clip her.  I originally clipped in with a hunter clip in mid-October, which is a bit earlier than usual.  Not that you could tell from what she looked like today.

With the flash, you can just faintly see the lines from the previous clip

So she got a nice bath, then we went out to enjoy the sunshine (me) and grass (her) while she dried off.  At that point, I realized how truly fuzzy she was, because it took forever for her to dry to the point I could clip her.  Rather than doing a full on hunter clip on her, I decided to leave a bit more hair on her, since she tends to be a bit tight through her back anyway, and we’re not showing until March, which means she’ll get clipped again before we hit the show ring.  I decided to do a bit of a modified Irish Clip, but go back from withers to stifle.  I also got a wild idea and decided I wanted to try clipping her head a little, since it also gets disgustingly sweaty.  Its something I hadn’t tried before, because while she’s generally great about clipping, Thou Shalt Not Clip Her Ears, so I was a little leery of going there.  I decided to do just the half-face thing, and while it’s not perfect, she was great about it, and she looks so much prettier!

She has a jaw line!

Not clipping the hindquarters made the whole clipping process go so much faster, and doing one straight line back was so much easier than trying to figure out the balance for a trace clip, which I hate doing.  But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Clipped and looking sharp!

I’ll see how she does tomorrow in our lesson.  Hopefully much less sweaty than yesterday.