After a bit of confusion over my Coggins–I thought it submitted with my Xentry information, so I didn’t send a hard copy along with the check and TIP info–I just got the notice that our entry is received and complete for Waredaca!  We’ll be making our recognized debut, hopefully in good form, since it’s not our first time around at BN.  We finally got some rain, too, with more in the forecast, so hopefully the ground will be good by then.  It ought to be great for everyone at MDHT this weekend, and I’m hopeful that the warmup, where I’m volunteering, will have a nice view of the XC course, because I do enjoy getting to watch a bit of the competition.

Today Cally and I just did a little bit of flatwork.  Apparently just having Carol in the ring with us is magic, because the horse felt great!  We did some leg yield at walk, trot, and canter, some of our favorite trot spirals, and just worked on generally being relaxed and happy.  Since she was, I saw no reason to push it, and called it a day on a good note.  It was also nice to have a slightly fuzzy horse in cool weather, who wasn’t even sweaty after the ride, so all I needed to do was a bit of light currying and feed her a treat when we were done!

Then, since a few of us had seen and heard about the new county park with a cross country course that opened recently, I decided to head over with Daisy A Dog for a little walk, and to scope out the facility.  I wasn’t expecting much, frankly, because the “cross country fences” at Schooley Mill Park were what I was expecting to see, and those are definitely not worth a haul over just to school.  But I was very pleasantly surprised.  It’s not a huge facility, or great for anyone looking to do more than Novice stuff, but the fences are nice, well-built and look safe.  There are water, banks, and ditches, and it presents a nice opportunity for greenies, or horses like mine that just need to go a few more places and jump a few more strange things.  I can also see it being good as a start-of-season tuneup excursion.