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Cally and I didn’t do much last week.  Mostly because this was one of my “long” work weeks, where I’ve only got Wednesday and Thursday available to go to the barn, and there was that whole insane government shutdown we were dealing with at work on Monday and Tuesday, so I was so exhausted on Wednesday that I pretty much slept in, took the dog for a walk, and caught up on my DVR.  I’m sure Cally was crushed by that.  Thursday was our barn potluck, so I went out a little later than normal, and rode first.  We warmed up with a little flatwork, and despite running XC on hard ground at Seneca on Sunday, she felt great.  I’m going to think it was the 3 days off that helped.  Since she’d been not her best jumping around, I wanted to pop over a few fences; Sheri was teaching at the same time, but I made it work around the kids.  She jumped great, just a few bending lines to stuff, nothing major.

I then had a nice evening eating and drinking with friends, and really remembering what–aside from the fantastic care and good facilities–makes my barn so wonderful.  I board with a great group of people, at a barn run by a great person.  Where else are you going to have a barnmate walk out to the pasture fence with you in the dark to check on your mare and her pasturemates, to make sure they’re not being eaten by zombies when they start hollering and running around in the night?

This week we’ll be back to work.  I’m also hoping to take Daisy A Dog with me one day, and swing over to Woodstock Equestrian Park to check out the facilities there, and see if it’s worth hauling over to school one day before Waredaca.